04 June 2011

Love Language

Going through the state of our relationships, my friend and I began talking about how different people express their love and how people would like to be loved. I guess this is one of the causes of some misunderstandings among couples because one has unmet expectations of how he or she wants to be loved - whilst his or her partner assumes that he or she is giving his/her fullest love to him or her. Apparently, they might be speaking and expecting two very different love languages.

Gary Chapman writes a book that delves into the Five Love Languages - Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch. Curious, I searched it up and interestingly found this little assessment on one's love language.
So above is my love language. Quality Time.. and receiving gifts..

It's quite accurate with my friend's assessment of my love priorities. I talk, you drop everything and say, "Yes dear, I understand." Road trips, stupid gimmicks, making memories. I like it when my partner gives attention to minor details like how I don't like catsup and how I got a little scar from who knows where. Well maybe that and.. that he'd willingly cushion my atomic bomb when I'm in PMS Hulk mode and be my emotional punching bag.