17 December 2008

Mocha and Frap

Last Saturday, my ever pet-loving sister brought home two little rascals into our lives. She had found them in the market and had begged my mom to buy them. The old woman who was said to be selling them needed the money badly and therefore sold the new born pups of their bitch - there were three puppies, actually, but mom only bought two - a white male and a brown female.

When they got home, I was really surprised to learn about the acquisition and much more, at the fact, that my sister didn't have anything planned for the newcomers - there was no bed, no food, really no plans at all. She didn't even inquire about their age. Thankfully, dad, despite not being an animal lover, knows a couple of things about dogs and claimed that the puppies were roughly a month and a half or 6 weeks old, which was later confirmed by the vet. I took it upon myself to provide for the little puppies - taking into account that this might as well be a lesson in responsibility. My first purchases for them are their puppy dog food, their milk, some baby bottles and a very comfortable bed. I think the excitement has gotten to me, as I'm practically throwing my money away for these little babies.

I wanted to name them Ninja and April or Figaro, but the family settled for Mocha and Frap, in honor of my little sister's favorite Starbucks drink. Frap, the male, was assigned to me, since my sister wanted to be taking care of the girl. Only after the family commended Frap to resemble a Japanese Spitz did she regret her decision. My brothers, on the other hand, like the regular males they are, acted generally apathetic towards the puppies and would visit them only to entertain themselves.

I brought them to the vet last Monday for B-complex shots to improve their immune system. The rest of their shots will follow in the weeks to come.

A friend once told me that you know you are ready to have a baby when you can take care of a dog. I think he's right. They're a lot of work.

16 December 2008

Animal Lover?

Today, I was able to chat with a college group mate. She is one of the more precocious and out of the ordinary characters I remember in college. During the course of our conversation, our topic shifted to her convictions of being a vegan. She has now started an online store called Kitchen Revolution selling vegan pastries - desserts that don't have eggs, dairy products or meat to enforce her stand against animal cruelty.

I confess that since I was child, I have been a picky eater and would barely find any interest in vegetables. My father, on the other hand, due to a vow made to Buddha has converted to being a vegetarian with the hope of Buddha curing my grandmother of her cancer.

My dad used to joke, you can't say you're an animal lover and be omnivorous. My friend reiterated, "Would you eat animals you love? You can't say you love animals and eat meat. You can say you love dogs and cats, but eat cows and chickens and pigs." Then she sent me this video. It's pretty hard core stuff, so for those who have weak stomachs, I do not recommend viewing the said video. The video documents some of the tactics being used by cattle, poultry and pig farmers on their animals, all of which transcends what is humane and decent. Truly an eye opener - especially for someone like me, seeing a pig bleed to death so I can have a hot yummy plate of crispy maple bacon on the table.

Now, I'm seriously contemplating shifting to more animal friendly viands. To be honest, I feel repulsed at the fact that these people can act like your next door Mister Roger and be slaughtering these poor animals in such despicable, base ways. For more information about animal cruelty and how to be a vegan, just go to this link.

As an ending to this little campaign against animal cruelty, I'd like to post a video my little sister found in YouTube that really made our hearts bleed.

It's a sad sad reality. Mad world.

11 December 2008

Emo Lambchops

Emo Lambchop helps me feel better.

I wish they have more shows like this than mind numbing Spongebob Squarepants, Cow and Chicken and all those other brainless shows. I wonder what kind of education my kids will end up getting from television if networks continue producing these garbage.

Sharp Turn

Staring at her corpse or her funeral picture didn't leave me any sense of comfort. They were definitely a far cry from the animated woman she was when she was still alive. It was so cruel seeing her lying on the casket, unresponsive - completely departed from this busy, action filled reality we live in. Stiffened and cold and fading. This drastic change has left me at a lost, this reality still seems so difficult to fathom, difficult to swallow. Everyday I want to sit in front of my computer and type away my feelings, but I find myself indulging in less emotional activities avoiding any recollection lest it would leave me teary eyed at work.

Everything feels so surreal. Businesses continue to run and profit or dwindle in losses, people continue going to work, cars still honk away and overtake each other on the road, parties still take place, people still chatter away aimlessly in restaurants and coffee shops, while my world stopped - indefinitely - it feels like the fabric of my life has moved on to a completely different texture. It is not the same anymore. The world feels so cold and apathetic, and even words and gestures of condolence cannot amount to any form of satisfaction or relief - my life has taken a sharp turn and all I feel supposed to do is bear with it.

She had lived a good life, I keep telling myself and the memories we've shared will always remain etched in my heart. She had been an inspiration to me, and most of my decisions especially of late were chosen primarily for her appreciation. I've always feared these times, praying that God would delay this event to a later time. I wonder if he really heard my pleas. I have begged Him to take care of her, and give her strength.

My grandmother passed away last November 25, 2008 due to complications. Suffering from lymphoma since 2004, her diligence and perseverance has credited her an extra 4 years of life. We all thought she had succeeded over her illness - her will was beyond belief, her threshold for pain was remarkable. She'd overcome her pain without complaining, living with her ordeal patiently. Nobody anticipated that her life would end this abruptly.

I won't be elaborating on the details of this particular story, only that she was my strength and one of my best friends. I miss her so dearly.


Almost 5 years ago, I went on a China tour with my grandparents. One night, while my grandfather was out with his friends for a walk, I was left in the hotel room with my grandmother. She was tired from the day's walking and has decided to retire.

Our hotel room was a spacious area with two beds. My grandparents would sleep on one bed and I was assigned the other. As I lie in my bed, waiting for sleepiness to creep in, I had this sudden fear in my heart. I cannot fathom a life losing my grandparents, more so, my grandmother. Innocently, I asked my grandmother if I can sleep with her on her bed. Knowing I'm such a coward especially in the dark, she allowed me. I climbed onto her bed and laid down. I listened to her breathing as she slowly succumbed to sleep, then with her back onto mine, I hugged her from behind. She didn't stir, she didn't say anything, but I know she was still awake. I was so glad she didn't turn to look at me, because I remember that I was crying. After I felt relieved, I released my hug, and then fell asleep.