16 December 2008

Animal Lover?

Today, I was able to chat with a college group mate. She is one of the more precocious and out of the ordinary characters I remember in college. During the course of our conversation, our topic shifted to her convictions of being a vegan. She has now started an online store called Kitchen Revolution selling vegan pastries - desserts that don't have eggs, dairy products or meat to enforce her stand against animal cruelty.

I confess that since I was child, I have been a picky eater and would barely find any interest in vegetables. My father, on the other hand, due to a vow made to Buddha has converted to being a vegetarian with the hope of Buddha curing my grandmother of her cancer.

My dad used to joke, you can't say you're an animal lover and be omnivorous. My friend reiterated, "Would you eat animals you love? You can't say you love animals and eat meat. You can say you love dogs and cats, but eat cows and chickens and pigs." Then she sent me this video. It's pretty hard core stuff, so for those who have weak stomachs, I do not recommend viewing the said video. The video documents some of the tactics being used by cattle, poultry and pig farmers on their animals, all of which transcends what is humane and decent. Truly an eye opener - especially for someone like me, seeing a pig bleed to death so I can have a hot yummy plate of crispy maple bacon on the table.

Now, I'm seriously contemplating shifting to more animal friendly viands. To be honest, I feel repulsed at the fact that these people can act like your next door Mister Roger and be slaughtering these poor animals in such despicable, base ways. For more information about animal cruelty and how to be a vegan, just go to this link.

As an ending to this little campaign against animal cruelty, I'd like to post a video my little sister found in YouTube that really made our hearts bleed.

It's a sad sad reality. Mad world.


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Michelle Ngo said...

okay. that's just sick. why would they kill dolphins like that?