30 June 2008

PSP vs. iPod

This afternoon, I met up with a high school friend for a good game of Counterstrike and DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). It's been a fairly long while since I last tried the games and I must admit I performed as bad as I had expected. It's embarrassing really, PVP (Player vs. Player game) one on one, 24 vs. 51. Apparently, my score was the lower end of the comparison.

After the game, which he kindly paid for (thanks Edge!), we had dinner at Tropical Hut. That's when we discussed about things as our personal love lives and notes, interests and finally to Bleach and PSP.
Being a fan of Bleach, I was awestruck by the cool moves and POVs of the game version of the show. Not only were the images clear, the transitions smooth, it felt like an actual scene from the show. After allowing me a few rounds at his PSP, he can tell I was hooked!

PSP, Playstation Portable, is a portable game consul manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. This device allows the user to play high definition games in any location (thus called portable), it can also store and play videos and music files, as well as preview pictures and e-books. According to my friend, PSP also provides access to the internet, unfortunately, he wasn't able to show me this particular feature because of the lack of a Wi-Fi. He informed me that he has a friend who is selling PSP consuls for roughly 7,000 Php. Tempting.

On the other hand, I have a college friend who is currently selling iPods for a fairly good price. I had always wanted an iPod since I am a self-confessed music addict. I often imagine myself going to the gym or walking on the hallways in my personal MTV video, with my own set of beats. With the iPod dock, music will no longer be limited to your earplugs, and thus can be shared with your friends (to tolerate). The iPod is, as I believe, one of the trendiest social symbols of today. If you, by some mysterious chance, have never heard about or encountered an iPod, click here to learn about it.

Having a very limited budget, my frugality alarm rang really loudly in my poor little head and told me that it would only permit me to purchase one of the two.

So what will it be?

PSP or iPod?


29 June 2008

Will You Kiss Another Guy To Save Your Life?

The Poll:
If you are a guy, will you kiss another guy to save your life?

The Stats so far:
3 yes and 4 no. (But I hope self-preservation would eventually raise its hand and tell them to reconsider, "I really can't say until I'm faced with the situation")

Alright, why am I asking? For those who haven't watched "Get Smart", don't continue reading this post unless you are voluntarily compromising your position as a completely blank slate in terms of knowing what the story is about. Yes, there was a close-up kissing scene between two male characters in the film, and I couldn't stress enough the reactions of the two guys sitting on both my left and right side.

Last night, I went out with friends in Englicom to watch the said movie.

My reaction to the movie: It was a generally feel-good, entertaining movie - good for those who are feeling exceptionally depressed. Humor was comprised primarily of slapsticks and a few witty lines. It seemed to be set in the same league as most regular funny spy movies (eq. Johnny English, Pink Panther), except that the primary protagonist was not as dumb-witted or intellectually-challenged as most other spy movies.

The ending was, as most comedic movies, expected. So the story in bullet points will go like this:

Spy Boy meets Girl Spy,
Girl Spy is far more experienced that Spy boy,
Girl Spy hates Spy Boy's guts,
Girl Spy ends up being partners with Spy Boy,
Girl Spy and Spy Boy work together,
Girl Spy begins to fall for Spy Boy,
Conflict between Girl Spy and Spy Boy,
Spy Boy saves the day,
Girl Spy and Spy Boy are now an item.
The end.

Well, Anne Hathaway was hot in this movie, lots of leg exposure. There was also that cliche butt exposure of Spy Boy. Oh well, at least it cheered us up a lot.

For more reviews on Get Smart, click on the links below..
Kids In Mind
Rotten Tomatoes
Film Critic.com

New Reads for the Month

Rockwell Fully-Booked was having a sale yesterday. I am not sure if they still have now, but all that mattered to me was to take advantage of it. Most items were at a 20 percent discount, and when computed really was a good bargain.

These are going to be my new reads:

I also bought myself a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth. (Sorry, I can't find the accurate picture of the cover online)

Not bad. 700 bucks for three Best Selling Books.

I wanted to buy the Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory McGuire, writer of Wicked, but decided against it for lack of a budget. I hope I did the right thing though. And yes, I intend to buy Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister eventually.

I resolved not about to overspend on books now, knowing there will be an upcoming International Book Fair at the SMX on September 12-16, 2008. (Mark your calendars!)

Until then, I'd be trying to save up money for that great book shopping galore!

If anyone's selling books out there for relatively good prices, please contact me! :D I generally can't resist. LOL. Thanks

28 June 2008

62nd Tony Awards

A few days ago, Charm told me to open up the television and watch the 2008 Tony Awards. Unfortunately, I was too glued on to my chair and computer to move my sorry ass in front of the tv. They're bound to upload the event in the net in a couple of days. And true enough.. they did.. and boy was I sorry to have not watched it earlier.

I am an avid fan of musicals, and well.. Some of the broadway musicals that were aired on the show were Rent, South Pacific, Grease, Young Frankenstein, Crybaby (I honestly prefer Johnny Depp's movie), Little Mermaid and the like. Right now, I'm wallowing in my self-pity. Why didn't I go watch it last Sunday?

Forgive me, but I just can't help posting these entertaining videos I found in You.Tube. Enjoy!

Whoopi Goldberg performing.. The "Phantom of the Opera"

Lion King
*Beautiful production.
*Simba's so cute!

*It's not bad.
*Must love's Sandy's oober flexible bod and high-kicks. hehe

South Pacific
*Emile and Nellie's voices were remarkable, in my opinion.

Drools. Drools. Drools..

This Better NOT Happen Again..

Sometimes, weird things occur when we endeavor to try to make things better.

Yesterday, I intended to arrive at work earlier than usual. I had already advanced my cellular phone's clock by 20 minutes. It had promptly woke me up at 4.30 in the morning and I was at my regular routine of trying to negotiate with myself how much longer I am permitted to stay in bed. I managed to get dressed by 5 am, and was out a little while later.

Often, the clouds would be dark-purple with hints of yellow-pink, the streets would fairly awake with fast speeding cars and scores of public transportation FXs would be driving through in search for passengers. Curiously, yesterday, I couldn't seem to be able to hail any Fx's going to my destination. It took me almost 15 minutes just to find an Fx, and to add, it was the slowest one in the bunch. Other cars were gladly overtaking our vehicle. Considering the street wasn't, in any way, crowded, our vehicle was moving at a ridiculously slow pace.

The car was in such a bad shape that the driver had to go down and assist passengers getting off since the door at the back of the Fx was already showing grave signs of wear and tear. It doesn't seem to close properly, leaving the door to be dangerously half-open if the passenger failed to bang it right.

15 minutes away from my destination, the bus stop, the Fx finally revealed it's terrible secret. It overheated... And after almost 15 minutes of trying to get it working, the driver finally surrendered and gave us each some money to transfer to another ride.

Apparently, my endeavor to arrive earlier at work failed. I hope the same thing won't happen again.

26 June 2008

Procrastinating Tactics

Trying to procrastinate, delaying as much as I can before doing my assignments, I began to browse through the web for interesting websites I had once passed through and new ones I can find. Below, I listed five time-wasters which I enjoyed looking around in, Enjoy!

(1) Pointless Sites
Out of boredom, people can conceive the strangest and most hilarious things. During our OJT, a friend, Julius, pointed this site out so that we won't be bored out of our wits when there weren't any assignments to complete. This site lists down a number of websites with varying qualifications to be called "Pointless". Some are You.Tube videos, flash games, while others are simply random blarghs... Definitely something fun to waste some time on!

(2)The House
Asian horror movies made waves a few years back which inspired nerve wrecking experiences to audiences across the globe, not because of monstrous and repulsive make-ups, but because of Asian directors' sneaky manipulation of human excitement and anticipation. The House is equally horrific, but of course, like most Asian horror films, lacks a concrete and understandable storyline. Still, I'd say, it's a creepy game to test the strong of heart.

NOTE: I can't finish this by myself. hehe

(3) Jackson Pollock
This site is for the artist-at-heart who just likes to move the mouse across the screen and see your own personal artwork progress beautifully in front of one's eyes. Left-clicking on your mouse would allow you to alter the colors. It does seem to get old after more than 5 minutes of playing, but of course it's something I don't mind returning to once in a while.

(4) Cute Overload
Ever since I met Charm and Michi, I was gradually moved towards cute animals (more specifically to dogs and cats). For the pet lovers, this is a site you'd enjoy browsing through, where legions of adorable animal pictures await you, from prettily dressed Chihuahuas to sleeping bunnies.

WARNING: Excessive cuteness may cause over-stimulation of glee glands

(5) List Universe
Listing down items from the 10 Most Disgusting Parasites to the 10 Common Errors in Cooking, List Universe is all about listing stuff down. I find this site extremely captivating, try to take a look at it, you might actually get to learn something!


Break Time

Lunch break time. Let me just sneak a little post here.

Sometimes during work, when the day gets really tiring and fatigue is creeping up on me, I need something to lift my spirits and this is exactly the cure I need. It never fails to make me laugh.

The Backdorm Boys is a group of Chinese guys living in the same dormitory lip singing to local and international favorites and uploading their acts in You.Tube. Their videos have generated much attention which made them international celebrities. The prime members, the tandem you'd always see, as I know are Huang Yu Xin and Wei Wei.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

25 June 2008

Young Mommas

I meant to post this article yesterday but had some important stuff to attend to and therefore had to delay posting.

While surfing through the internet, I dropped by a forum where teenagers, primarily in the United States, discussed issues they were interested in. One of the topics involved the pregnancy pact between several young girls at Glouster High, Massachusetts, US. Click here and here to read about it.

Apparently, I was intrigued, but at the same time, disturbed at the prospect of having several young women throw away their lives in favor of early motherhood. Not that motherhood is a waste of time, mind you, it just means the disappearance of several flighty activities in exchange for a number of new and permanent responsibilities. I do not deny that I occasionally do have thoughts of having children at an early age, for fear of being too old and irritable to care for them. I imagine marrying and having a child by the age of 30 and, should my son or daughter follow in my footsteps (given I taught them well enough not to engage in pre-marital intercourse), I'd be 60 by the time I see my grandchild. Old enough, counting years until I'll get buried 6 feet underground.

Although it is gravely their fault that they are pregnant, it was their decision and I would have to respect that. On the other hand, if it really was just a stunt for popularity and general acceptance, then I believe it would be a hard pill to swallow knowing that much of their lives, from this point on, has already been compromised. Being part of the group, at least, their pains and worries are somehow blunted for knowledge that someone else is in the same ship as they are.

I wonder if there really is someone to blame. Is it society? Is it their parents? Is it their school? Will there be more like them to come, and if so, why? Is there really a resurgence of women inclined to be mothers at such a young age? Or is the pressure of fitting in, the "coolness" of being involved in a sexual relationship, the feeling of being "loved" entailed by being a mother, all boiling down to half-baked and poorly discerned decisions of today's youth?

24 June 2008


After a year of non-blogging, I have decided to resume my previous practice in a different blog. I confess that my ability to articulate my thoughts through writing has dwindled much and I find it imperative on my part to re-cultivate it, well aware that lack of practice and use is a slow deterioration of the art towards its grave where resurrection is not as easy as gulping a Phoenix-Down potion.

As a quick introduction of myself, I am a 21 year old fresh graduate. I have just found my first job at an outsourcing company in Makati City. Currently, I am at my first month of training and am very happy to have landed in such an interesting position.

I am happily involved in a long distance relationship, and we celebrated our third year anniversary together just about a week ago.

I have many interests, among which include reading books, writing poetry and short stories, sketching and photo-shopping. I believe that I am drawn to many interests, but I promise that these shall be revealed to you in time since I find it rather difficult to list them down at this particular moment.

I was drawn back to blogging by the realization that some of my friends have resorted / returned to the practice. You may call it peer pressure, if you want. My passion for blogging had been sedated by many factors, which I don't believe requires mentioning at this time. If you wish to view my blog of the post, kindly click here.

And thus ends my introduction.. Let us look forward.. towards the more present and possible future..