24 June 2008


After a year of non-blogging, I have decided to resume my previous practice in a different blog. I confess that my ability to articulate my thoughts through writing has dwindled much and I find it imperative on my part to re-cultivate it, well aware that lack of practice and use is a slow deterioration of the art towards its grave where resurrection is not as easy as gulping a Phoenix-Down potion.

As a quick introduction of myself, I am a 21 year old fresh graduate. I have just found my first job at an outsourcing company in Makati City. Currently, I am at my first month of training and am very happy to have landed in such an interesting position.

I am happily involved in a long distance relationship, and we celebrated our third year anniversary together just about a week ago.

I have many interests, among which include reading books, writing poetry and short stories, sketching and photo-shopping. I believe that I am drawn to many interests, but I promise that these shall be revealed to you in time since I find it rather difficult to list them down at this particular moment.

I was drawn back to blogging by the realization that some of my friends have resorted / returned to the practice. You may call it peer pressure, if you want. My passion for blogging had been sedated by many factors, which I don't believe requires mentioning at this time. If you wish to view my blog of the post, kindly click here.

And thus ends my introduction.. Let us look forward.. towards the more present and possible future..


Chachoy said...

First to post! =) I'm by the way this blogger's boy friend. And yeah we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary few weeks ago. I love you bie =)

Kwagoo said...

I love you too hon... haha...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

naks! i'm looking forward to read your blog every day ah kaya post post post!