29 June 2008

Will You Kiss Another Guy To Save Your Life?

The Poll:
If you are a guy, will you kiss another guy to save your life?

The Stats so far:
3 yes and 4 no. (But I hope self-preservation would eventually raise its hand and tell them to reconsider, "I really can't say until I'm faced with the situation")

Alright, why am I asking? For those who haven't watched "Get Smart", don't continue reading this post unless you are voluntarily compromising your position as a completely blank slate in terms of knowing what the story is about. Yes, there was a close-up kissing scene between two male characters in the film, and I couldn't stress enough the reactions of the two guys sitting on both my left and right side.

Last night, I went out with friends in Englicom to watch the said movie.

My reaction to the movie: It was a generally feel-good, entertaining movie - good for those who are feeling exceptionally depressed. Humor was comprised primarily of slapsticks and a few witty lines. It seemed to be set in the same league as most regular funny spy movies (eq. Johnny English, Pink Panther), except that the primary protagonist was not as dumb-witted or intellectually-challenged as most other spy movies.

The ending was, as most comedic movies, expected. So the story in bullet points will go like this:

Spy Boy meets Girl Spy,
Girl Spy is far more experienced that Spy boy,
Girl Spy hates Spy Boy's guts,
Girl Spy ends up being partners with Spy Boy,
Girl Spy and Spy Boy work together,
Girl Spy begins to fall for Spy Boy,
Conflict between Girl Spy and Spy Boy,
Spy Boy saves the day,
Girl Spy and Spy Boy are now an item.
The end.

Well, Anne Hathaway was hot in this movie, lots of leg exposure. There was also that cliche butt exposure of Spy Boy. Oh well, at least it cheered us up a lot.

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Chachoy said...

Me wanna watch this... =( but I rather wait for it to come out in DVD/blu-ray and watch it than paying $10.00 to watch it in theaters

Chachoy said...

Oh and yes... I'll kiss a guy if it saves my ass =D

Razaele said...

Probably. As long as we don't have to cuddle afterwards.

Kwagoo said...

hahaha nice point. if by cuddle, you mean by smooching --> may not be likely. but if by cuddle, u mean by getting punch in the face and be wrestled to the ground, that may still be plausible.. haha

if you say so, that's 2 more points for YES :D haha

stphn said...

yeah. i will do it to save my life...well, if thats the only option. haha.