26 June 2008

Procrastinating Tactics

Trying to procrastinate, delaying as much as I can before doing my assignments, I began to browse through the web for interesting websites I had once passed through and new ones I can find. Below, I listed five time-wasters which I enjoyed looking around in, Enjoy!

(1) Pointless Sites
Out of boredom, people can conceive the strangest and most hilarious things. During our OJT, a friend, Julius, pointed this site out so that we won't be bored out of our wits when there weren't any assignments to complete. This site lists down a number of websites with varying qualifications to be called "Pointless". Some are You.Tube videos, flash games, while others are simply random blarghs... Definitely something fun to waste some time on!

(2)The House
Asian horror movies made waves a few years back which inspired nerve wrecking experiences to audiences across the globe, not because of monstrous and repulsive make-ups, but because of Asian directors' sneaky manipulation of human excitement and anticipation. The House is equally horrific, but of course, like most Asian horror films, lacks a concrete and understandable storyline. Still, I'd say, it's a creepy game to test the strong of heart.

NOTE: I can't finish this by myself. hehe

(3) Jackson Pollock
This site is for the artist-at-heart who just likes to move the mouse across the screen and see your own personal artwork progress beautifully in front of one's eyes. Left-clicking on your mouse would allow you to alter the colors. It does seem to get old after more than 5 minutes of playing, but of course it's something I don't mind returning to once in a while.

(4) Cute Overload
Ever since I met Charm and Michi, I was gradually moved towards cute animals (more specifically to dogs and cats). For the pet lovers, this is a site you'd enjoy browsing through, where legions of adorable animal pictures await you, from prettily dressed Chihuahuas to sleeping bunnies.

WARNING: Excessive cuteness may cause over-stimulation of glee glands

(5) List Universe
Listing down items from the 10 Most Disgusting Parasites to the 10 Common Errors in Cooking, List Universe is all about listing stuff down. I find this site extremely captivating, try to take a look at it, you might actually get to learn something!



Razaele said...

Lazy days + Above-mentioned links = Awesome

Anonymous said...

cute cute overload!!!


Kwagoo said...

hehe.. thanks.. glad that you seem to like the links! :D