06 January 2013

Plugged In My Own World

Pulling out my blog from the attics of cyber oblivion and opening it once again for public consumption, I'd like to resume my postings with an artwork I have recently completed.

One of my favorite personal quotes is, "It is in silence that I know myself, perhaps in my silence, you shall know me as well." Thoughts run deep when you are locked in your own world of contemplation. In your own world - where there are no eyes to judge, no ears to eavesdrop, no tongues to gossip. Where the most unbearable noises come only from your own heart, and it is only yourself who can tame its laments. In one's absence from external affairs, in one's absence from social compromising and relationship building, introversion manifests and nothing feels better than being alone in one's room, diving into the depths of one's thoughts and soul. Alone, but definitely not lonely.

There are days when I wish I can plug out the outside cacophonies and demands that drain out my energy and at time, wits, and tend to my internal affairs. Such opportunities are rare, and often neglected even when the occasional chance would strut by. I guess my three month-long restrain from internet socializing and my withdrawal from certain social groups has provided me with sufficient rest and thought, as well as enough time to return to my roots. Music and art.

I've often run to them in my times of trial, and have taken them for granted on days of happiness and plenty. They've kept loyal to me though, and have once again provided their guidance in these days of emotional famine. My friends have engrossed me in all sorts of artistic endeavors that have surprised me - these, I intend to postpone or decline publication depending on necessity and mood.

As for my first 2013 art, I would have to pray forgiveness for its rather unclean look - it is not of my common styles. Firstly, I don't normally draw humans, as I've always been on the abstract side - more on doodling, to be honest. Secondly, I'm trying out a new Photoshop coloring technique, which I learned from my siblings - and changing a few of their styles to suit my own. Plugged is the outcome, and I'm fairly pleased how it came out.

I'll post the unedited, original sketch soon.