30 October 2008

Drooling Over Scarf Dresses

I mentioned earlier that my boyfriend's sister has an online store called PinayenKikay, where she sells beautiful dresses for relatively cheap prices. Recently, she just posted a new collection - scarf dresses, and I am going crazy-drooling over them.

These two are my favorites:

Since black is really out of the question, I think these selections (green and violet) are really cool to get. Christmas is fast coming and I'm going to be needing some nice presentable dresses to wear especially for the many upcoming parties...

If you'd like to see more of her scarf dresses, just click here. Love em, love em! :D

25 October 2008

RMG Fun Day - My First Attempt using Flash

A couple of months ago, my friend asked me to edit their video since I am a Communication Arts graduate and have had experience in video editing. Wanting to be ambitious, I offered to do it using Macromedia Flash. There was only one problem - I don't know how to use the program. I took the challenge as a push to pressure myself to learn and understand it, and this is what I came up with...

Ladies and gentlemen, my first attempt at Flash...

As a note, none of the pictures belong to me. I was merely responsible for conceptualizing, organizing, photoshopping (at times) and animating the videos and images provided to me, or which can be downloaded from the internet. The pictures are pixelized only upon uploading in YouTube. The original copy is crisp and clear.

Also, I would like to thank Charmaine Cobankiat and Nenzie Lapid for mentoring me as I completed this project.

The video was made for my friend's outing with her workmates as a part of their work's benefits. Their office gave each employee $100.00 to spend on a vacation and to document and present their vacation in a video. The winning video in the Philippines will compete with other winners in the Asia Pacific, then International categories. With God's grace, our video had made it to the International level, but unfortunately, didn't garner the winning spot. But, for a beginner, that was really something worth boasting! :D

Analog Soul's Ninoy "I Can" Tee

When Analog Soul came up with this shirt, I was extremely giddy over it. It's their fourth Ninoy Shirt, in collaboration with the YoNinoy group and I confess that I really like it.

The shirt was designed by AJ Salazar and sells for P550.00. It was inspired by the life of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, and carries the manifesto of the YoNinoy/AnalogSoul project:


I've never had the privilege of seeing Ninoy Aquino. He was long dead by the time I was born. Assassinated as he was getting off his plane. Hailed as the hero who inspired the toppling down the Marcos regime via the EDSA revolution. He was the man I read in history books, who was exiled, but I stop reading once the plot gets political-boring. I know him as the man who impregnated Corazon Aquino and spawned the irritating existence of Kris Aquino. He is the man on the 500 peso bill and the man whose name is coupled with the Philippine's international airport. Aside from those facts, I know nothing of him.

In celebration of his 25th anniversary, a bunch of design houses collaborated and came up with a Ninoy collection. Among these houses are Team Manila, Bench and Analog Soul. Their aim, as I understand, is to inspire the youths to copy and imbibe Ninoy's sense of patriotism, his virtues and his stand for change and equity. A modern day hero, they call him. Bringing Ninoy back into Filipino consciousness is perhaps the very first step in calling people to reexamine and reevaluate his short lived but fruitful service and become modern day heroes in their own ways.

Wii in the Office

Check this out!!!

We have 42 inch LCD monitor and Wii in our office.

And the office people are really going ga-ga over it. It's been a week and I haven't tried it though :( Loser! hehe

24 October 2008

Philippine Project Runway at SMX

Last night, my best friend, her sister and I went to SMX (where the Philippine Fashion Week is being held) to witness the collections of the first top three contenders in the Philippine's Project Runway. It started an hour later than scheduled, of which I am dreadfully thankful for since I arrived unfashionably late (I wasn't wearing anything fashionable, just my work clothes!) because I had to rush from my second work to the event venue.

When Theresa, the beautiful host of the show appeared to open the ceremony, I couldn't help but stare at her. She was an actual person, she actually exists! Sure, we all know she does because we get to see her on television, but it's an astounding experience to see her in front of you for real. To be honest, seeing most of the contestants and judges in person was overwhelming - this is really happening, and someone's career is really at stake!

The first to showcase his collection was Phillip and I must admit that his clothes were absolutely gorgeous. The models had the same hair that resemble pots on their heads, of which reminds me of ethnic groups. His theme, in my opinion, is more grounded on the Philippine culture and carries the natural barong colors. Most of his work are highly detailed, and would often bring a memory recall of his innovative use of the table cloth during the wedding gown episode. I'd assume that his target is of an older and more sophisticated class. In one word, I'd call his collection deliciously "Imeldific"!

The second to present his set was Veejay Floresca. Being the designer of my friend's gown for our upcoming high school reunion, I was really intrigued with what he has to offer, and I was badly disappointed. His collection appeared to have a light mocha, modern day urban lifestyle theme. Contrasted against Phillip's intricate collection, Veejay displayed a rather minimalist line, which my friend commented, "Looked RTW". Some of the dresses appeared unflattering or difficult (the fit didn't seem right) for the models. Sorry Veejay.

Last, but most definitely not the least was Aries' line. It was, as he mentioned, dedicated to his mother and entitled, "More Than A Woman". Coupled with a very catchy song, the audience generously gave him a hearty applause for a lot of pieces in the collection. The clothes were dark, modern urban (mostly for night wear) and are exceptional with their daring but tasteful cuts. They were fresh and classy, but at the same time very sexy. The crowds cheered more enthusiastically as one of his dresses was transformed into a three piece ensemble that the models paraded together and individually. My friend and I absolutely loved his collection! I must say that I have no doubts Aries is going to bag the winning title, but of course people have different opinions so I may be wrong.

22 October 2008

That's Not Fair

My mom's cousin was married last Saturday. In preparation for that event, my mom told me to buy a dress since it is a formal party and I needed a long gown. Most of my dresses at home are black, which is an absolute no-no, according to my mom, since being traditional Chinese, my relatives may misinterpret my intentions as unsupportive and malicious.

I purchased a long violet dress that flatters my busty figure. When my mom saw it, we had an argument because "her side of the family" doesn't wear such revealing clothes. Sexy can be tasteful, and a cleavage showing dress is not the way to go. Therefore, I'd have to set the dress aside and look for another one. Luckily, I found one of my aunt's old dresses.

On the day of the event, I learned that my other aunts and cousins were wearing black dresses with such low cuts that I could see almost half their breasts bulging out of them. My grandaunts, who are already in their 60s, were wearing knee short dresses, which my mom said was too sexy for their age. I was the only one, who is not among the entourage, wearing a powder blue, floor length gown. You can just imagine my horror.

When I complained to my mom that all the rules she told me were not even followed and her allegations that black is not acceptable were refuted by the fact that almost every other kid my age was wearing it, she just told me.."Well, they came from Canada so their culture is different there."

Am I sensing a bias here? Just because someone came from Canada, means they'd be excused from prying, criticizing glances. Just because they came from Canada, they are no longer held back with their options? I am from the Philippines, but I know what I want to wear, can't have I have that luxury to choose?

What happened to the conservative people in "her side of the family"?

Just to point it out: I don't have any issue with my mom telling me that I shouldn't wear particular clothes. I just don't like the idea that others are allowed/ excused to wear anything they want, (and thus didn't have to SPEND) because of their nationality - it just sounds so "double standard".

21 October 2008

Discourteous Waitress at Teriyaki Boy, Greenbelt

My friend just came back from the States today and we decided to have our lunch together. Of all the restaurants, we chose to have it at Teriyaki Boy, along Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi Street. It would've been a pleasant visit, had it not been for one waitress who needs to be reminded of proper customer attendance.

There were already hints of her being rude at the ordering phase of our visit, but I didn't pay it much attention. Whenever we needed anything, she would just drop the item on our table and walk away briskly, like she was trying to avoid any communication with us. I would understand a very busy store with lots of customers, but her treatment was deliberate and discourteous, as my friend later observed.

After our meal, we asked for the bill and she did the same thing - she walked beside our table, and WITHOUT STOPPING, just drops the billing folder on our table, mutters "bill" then goes away. She came back while my friend was still computing our individual expenses. My friend was slightly leaning over the OPEN folder, tapping on her cellphone and checking if the figures match, and as the money was already in the folder, the waitress, WITHOUT ASKING, tried to take away the folder; my friend had to stop her to tell her she isn't done paying yet.

I felt extremely disrespected as a customer and have decided to fill in the customer feedback sheet in order to express my unhappiness. Since both of us didn't bring any pens, we asked to borrow her pen while the waitress finally got to take our bill. While walking she turns and says, "GINAGAMIT KO EH, MAMAYA NALANG. (I'm still using it. I'll lend it later)". She didn't return with the pen.


That does it. I'm posting this complaint in my blog.

18 October 2008

Say Hello To My Manga

Recently, I've noticed that many of my peer's are uploading comic-like edgy avatars. Not wanting to be in the dark, I asked one of my friends, Edge, where they had their cartoons done and he pointed me to this site, Face Your Manga.

Following the instructions, I've come up with this.. say hello to my manga!

To those who don't know what a manga is, it's a Japanese term that denotes a cartoon or a caricature often "convey(ing) a sense of free-flowing composition and quirky style."

17 October 2008

Christmas Gifts for Guys

Once the -ber months start, we all know that December is just around the corner and Christmas songs will begin to ring in every other mall you go to. It also signals the need to save and prepare one's Christmas give-aways. Even at this early time, I've already prepared my list and their respective receivables - I've even purchased some of the items so I won't feel the absurd pain in my wallet, or brave the anarchic traffic and fighting of shopping crowds during the merry season.

My list is almost complete, but I still have a couple more blanks to fill. In all my years of giving, I've always felt stumped when it comes to giving gifts to my guy friends. Shirts are usually out of the question, as I am not sure of their sizes, especially with the inconsistent sizing here in Asia. I've been giving bags, drinking games, Parker pens, sketch pads and books for the past years and this year, I want to give something novel or at the very least something that they'd appreciate, but within budget.

Can anyone help suggest any gifts for guys?

16 October 2008


As a pasalubong from my aunt in Canada, she sent me an award-winning book called "Book of Negroes" by Lawrence Hill. The novel describes the tribulations that befell the African men and women as they were kidnapped from their homelands, starved and tortured physically, mentally and even spiritually and shipped to the United States only to be sold as slaves to landowners. With Aminata Diallo as the primary protagonist of this heart breaking story, she reveals how she has lost her family, her freedom, her rights and how she has strove to win them all back.

The story is a beautiful unfolding of wisdom and character. Aminata speaks of her many beliefs and thoughts only to reprimand herself in the future for her foolishness. As she ages, the reader can comprehend the gradual maturity in her voice and thoughts and for that I believe that Lawrence Hill has truly made a masterpiece. I am completely moved by his story - the Blacks truly have a beautiful story behind them - they are a strong race, a strong people to have endured all these pains.

It is sad to think how people can be so prejudiced, rallying against other races without respect to others' feelings, thoughts and life. It would be hypocritical to say that I don't practice some discrimination in my end, though. Being a Chinese in the Philippines, I have plenty of non-Chinese friends inquiring if my family permits inter-racial marriages. Since I'm not purely Chinese, yes we do. For others though, marriage with a Filipino is often looked down upon leading to many disowned sons and daughters. It seems so easy to say we should abolish racism, but to be honest, I guess it is the violence and lack of equity practiced in this bias that should be erased.

Personal biases and preferences will always survive and it is a way of life - the same way you cannot stop me from having an icky look once a big hairy man walks in front of me wearing just a sando top. Cultures bring up particular etiquette and beliefs that mold each person's perceptions. It cannot and shouldn't be held against anyone, it is only when we start seeing and treating others unjustly (humiliating them, torturing them, not giving them a chance, not treating them humanely, etc.) that we truly become uncouth and at times, criminal.

Picture is from http://www.innisfil.library.on.ca/userfiles/image/bookmap/Book%20of%20Negroes.jpg

15 October 2008

Free Hugs Campaign

Everybody needs a hug once in a while.

I first watched this during the MarCommAsia event last month and I tried to hold back tears. It's a heart warming video, coupled with a good song, with a very provocative theme. Free hugs anyone?

You Got Fat

While we were at a meeting this morning, our treasurer looks at me and tells me, "Kat, you've gotten fat." That statement was enough to shake in some panic into my system. Afterward, we went out to have lunch and our sanitation officer reinforced it by saying, "Yeah, you did. Your cheeks has more volume now and so does your shoulders." My shoulders??

Sitting in the office isn't exactly the easiest way to avoid getting fat. I've tried swimming lessons, but apparently, my coach isn't a disciplined disciple as well. The best villains I can point my fingers to are: fast-food consumption, cold drinks, desserts and the lack of will power to do something about it. I really should start re-doing that food diary, though a little more exercise might do the trick.

Leaving the house at 5am and returning by 8pm doesn't really leave much time for exercise. The feared word: "Diet" seems to loom above my head. Have I reached that brink of desperation so quickly?

I am not fat, I just got a little bigger - and the culprit lies in my lifestyle. Must change it soon, before I balloon!

10 October 2008

Pick Up Strategy # 1

Life has a very interesting way of toying with my day. I felt that I am going to be a mess for today - having less sleep than usual, I dragged myself out of bed, took the shower half asleep and got dressed. On my way to my usual spot where I hail my FX, a guy riding a bicycle passes and whispers a fleeting, "Hi sexy". It didn't occur to me that it would de ja vu into a bigger act by the latter part of the day.

After my first work, I headed off to my second work (yes, I have two jobs) which is roughly 30 minutes away. I had to walk some streets, ride an fx and walk again to the office. While half-hurriedly avoiding puddles, walking on the bumpy skinned road, I noticed a guy wearing a white shirt riding a bike behind me. Suspecting he's an innocent passer by, I didn't pay him any heed.

I rode the jeepney and when I looked out, was surprised that I saw the guy riding his bicycle behind, looking straight at me. He seems to be riding towards my jeepney, and I had this strange feeling of discomfort. Apparently, jeepneys have faster engines than pedal bikes so I expected to lose the guy eventually and was thankful when he was out of sight after the jeepney swerved past several other cars.I thought I was safe.

When I got off though, I saw him closing in. I rushed towards the sidewalk, but of course trying to be a little discreet about it - I don't want to be vain for the wrong idea. He was slowing down to keep with my pace, and he suddenly turned towards a vacant slot as I hurried by. I heard him call out to me "Miss, Miss" I would've ignored it had I not heard him slightly shuffling at the back, like he was really trying to follow me. I turned the corner, which is a one way road and being a pedestrian, I can counter flow, but being a biker I hoped he couldn't, but he persisted. I made a split second glance and he continued, "Pwede bang magpakilala? (Can we get acquainted?)" I didn't stop walking, made a short hand gesture said "no" and then moved on. He says, "Ah, I see" and I felt him move away.

To be honest, having a guy chase a jeepney just to get to know you sounds both bizarre and weird but at the same time quite flattering. It felt like one of those provocative love movie scenes wherein the main male character chases the female protagonist - it just doesn't seem to exist in real life - or on a regular day to day sort of thing. I totally know that the whole chase scene would've been squeal-generating on screen, and that my cold hearted rejection would be a complete anti-climax! Being singled out does make me feel exquisitely special, but something I don't want to entertain further in that sort of situation.

I've often said that my friends are all very pretty and the only reason why I was a boyfriend is because I practically chased him off the very edge of a cliff, and his only options were me and the dangerous pile of sticky bones and rocks hundreds of feet down. Being the pretty and beautiful ones, my friends have received the compliments of many staring eyes, the interest of the guys and the like, while I would sit at a corner and appear, quite frustratingly, amused at being wall-flowered. I was the smart one, and the smart ones aren't especially sought after. My boyfriend though gave me the best answer ever to this everlasting self-esteem bash - "Does it still matter now that you have me?".

Analog Soul Trinoma Opens today!

I am so stoked.

Currently, I am working part time as a Marketing Associate of Analog Soul, a graphic design apparel label. The brand and items are "made in the Philippines", sporting designs from local graphic designers and artists. Lately, they just released a couple of shirts to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the late Benigno Aquino. Click here and here to see the shirts!

Yesterday, I was with Analog Soul as they arranged and put up their third store, in Trinoma! It's soft opening today and I am completely excited. It was the first time I was part of a store opening, or to be more accurate, to be involved in the production of a store-in-opening.

It was real fun and I enjoyed the whole experience of putting clothes into hangers, shopping for furniture (although I never really had much of an opinion), cleaning up the place, etc. I had to leave earlier than the rest of the crew though, as it was nearing midnight and I had a 6 am work to go to the next day (which is today, and yes I was late for work, huhuhu).

I wish I can pass by the store later after work.

09 October 2008

Dysmennorhea Blues

**Some statements may be a little too visual.

Right now, I feel like my entire reproductive system has withered and has sagged down to my crotch, slithering away in streams of blood running out of me - bleeding me to a state of delirious fatigue. Oh my dying vagina. Every month I feel the desire the pull out my uterus from my body, leave it on a clean table until it's all well then return it back to its proper place. The throbbing pain is at times beyond my level of tolerance and its intensity would translate further into headaches and a sudden sensitivity to smell, sound, temperature - any slight difference can irritate me or just simply throw me to the next toilet wanting to vomit.

I understand that many women share my experience and with the ones I spoke with, they provided me with remedies that worked for them. Here are some that I can remember:
(1) My mom always told me that drinking a glass of cold beer or red wine would help drain away the clogs causing the pain. A glass of coke could also do the trick. For some reason, by the time I am twisting and knotting in pain, I'm in no mood to drink anything, much more, anything cold.
(2) Anesthetic medications like Ponstan or Dolphenol are recommended by some peers. My dad argued that if I can bear it, don't take the medications else I'd end up becoming dependent.
(3) Quiapo Pampareglas. Like a glass of coke, the pampareglas are really strong, bitter medications that unclog one's menstrual track - notably, these are some of the stuff abortionist women would drink to unclog their reproductive systems. I guess my embarrassment to buy surpasses that of my need to overcome the pain.
(4) A doctor told me to stay away from the cold, especially cold drinks, and salty foods a week from my menstruation period. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to discern salty from non-salty foods - unless the food tastes hopelessly salty, I don't seem to notice.
(5) Mom and a couple of married friends told me that it'll be gone by the time I get married. I think its a euphemistic way of telling me, sex would cure this terrible ailment for good. Apparently, that is still a far point in my life.

I can say that these remedies do help sometimes but nothing ever beats a hot compress on my tummy and between my legs, a candy in my mouth, a ready toilet at my disposal and a whole day to rest - praying Oh Holy God.

My Top 12 Music for October

1. Chairlife - Bruises
2. Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait - Lucky
3. Eden's Bridge - More Than This
4. Kenny Rankin - Pussywillows Cattails
5. Alicia Keys and Jack White - Another Way to Die
6. Bjork - Dull Flame of Desire
7. Elvis Costello - Pills and Soap
8. Chillitees - Sama Na
9. Royksopp - Poor Leno
10. Late Night Alumni - Beautiful
11. Jazzanova - No Use
12. Pussycat Dolls - Whatcha Think about That

03 October 2008

Policemen and Hold Uppers

On my way to work this morning, our FX was stopped by a policeman in the middle of Espana. The cop has the distinguishing beer belly bulking from his almost bursting uniform and an plastic-looking, but I-am-not-doubting-it's-real ArmaLite hanging around his thick neck. He was an ironic looking cop actually, as his big gun seemed overwhelmed by the enormity of his stomach and he fails to institute himself as a credible character. In a way, I thought he was going to take advantage of the poor FX driver and I would be late for work again because of they would have to engage in "negotiations". Thankfully that was not the case.

The policeman instructed the FX driver to look at the far right, where two men were being handcuffed by a group of crocodile policemen. One was in a white loose fitting shirt and baggy shorts, while the other man had a spot of red on his forehead, I assume to be blood, sporting a working man barong and slacks. They were caught hold-uppers of FXs (the policemen also pointed that these people had guns) and the policemen wanted us to note that there is still a sense of responsiveness in the police force and that civilians should be wary that hold ups really occur and should therefore be cautious in the future.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if the police force is truly virtuous and dignified individuals and that only a handful of corrupt ones have tainted the image of their patriotic and humanitarian nature. Sometimes I contemplate whether they are really not as prejudiced and pathetic as how many others have portrayed them. I've heard stories from friends and families who have experienced a policeman "hold-up", needing to give out money to the smiling crocodiles and their bloody yellow teeth of greed. I've heard how they converse with all the lines of a Fernando-Poe wannabe, trying to pull off superiority regardless of reason. But then again, I cannot blame them, some drivers and citizens are equally arrogant and temperamental. They may try to catch real hold-uppers, but in a sense, I believe they should also reassess themselves if they are that pristine to cast the first stone.

01 October 2008

I Don't Want To Get Married Yet

Once again, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog for the longest of time. Apparently, I've had quite a number of new adventures which has hindered me from doing so. One significant event that has occurred recently is the wedding of my second cousin, Cedric, who happens to be the grandson of my grandfather's older brother.

The whole day, I could not deny sensing a nameless and faceless fear, until one of my uncles approached my dad and asked, "When will it be your turn?" hinting my surrender of carefree days of single-blessedness. My dad replies with, "Soon. I may be a grandfather next time we meet." That was enough pressure to send alarms ringing, let me correct that, bonging. I felt a strong urge to tell my dad, "Don't say that! You're making me effin' uncomfortable", but of course I don't have that sort of guts.

I am not interested in tying the knot just yet. Sure, I may have occasional fleeting thoughts of how I want the celebration to transpire, but pushing those fancies aside, I do not believe that I would like to lose my freedom soon. My dad's cheery answer was not helpful to what I was and am feeling. I have resolved, and have made an agreement with my boyfriend, that I will be open to the idea of marriage by the time I reach 28, which is 7 years from now. By then, I hope that I've already established myself financially and emotionally to be pimped for marriage. Even though I know that whoever I will marry can and should be able to support my weight, I do not intend to be dependent on my spouse especially for my monetary needs.

In a way, I felt like a false clown, shaking the groom's hand and wishing them congratulations, but deep inside, I know I was thinking.. "Man, you're done for." Although I honestly do wish them good health and a good life together, I guess its the reality that marriages are not analogous to a stroll in the park or a flighty day at the beach. And I guess I'm still to immature and unseasoned to display the wisdom of deciding and accepting finality.