25 October 2008

Analog Soul's Ninoy "I Can" Tee

When Analog Soul came up with this shirt, I was extremely giddy over it. It's their fourth Ninoy Shirt, in collaboration with the YoNinoy group and I confess that I really like it.

The shirt was designed by AJ Salazar and sells for P550.00. It was inspired by the life of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, and carries the manifesto of the YoNinoy/AnalogSoul project:


I've never had the privilege of seeing Ninoy Aquino. He was long dead by the time I was born. Assassinated as he was getting off his plane. Hailed as the hero who inspired the toppling down the Marcos regime via the EDSA revolution. He was the man I read in history books, who was exiled, but I stop reading once the plot gets political-boring. I know him as the man who impregnated Corazon Aquino and spawned the irritating existence of Kris Aquino. He is the man on the 500 peso bill and the man whose name is coupled with the Philippine's international airport. Aside from those facts, I know nothing of him.

In celebration of his 25th anniversary, a bunch of design houses collaborated and came up with a Ninoy collection. Among these houses are Team Manila, Bench and Analog Soul. Their aim, as I understand, is to inspire the youths to copy and imbibe Ninoy's sense of patriotism, his virtues and his stand for change and equity. A modern day hero, they call him. Bringing Ninoy back into Filipino consciousness is perhaps the very first step in calling people to reexamine and reevaluate his short lived but fruitful service and become modern day heroes in their own ways.


Umma said...

Great T-shirt..Indeed Ninoy was a hero but if he can only see what's going on with the country that he died for...tsk tsk

kittykat said...

where can I buy the shirt..I love shirts that tells a story and sends a message..

Kwagoo said...

@ umma
yeah, its sad to see what's happening in our country. although im not saying that there isn't any corruption then or in any other country, we're recently rated as one of the most corrupt countries in the whole world and that should be alarming.

ive often heard that if you're not corrupt, if you don't do illegal things, it's difficult to do business or get rich. i hope that people will actually take a stand and make a change in their own little way and learn that integrity is always key. materialism and greed will make this life easy, but only goodness and integrity will see you through your next life when you die.

Kwagoo said...

i actually love their shirts! i'm planning on buying the new Ninoy shirt!! hehe and I might get a couple more for Xmas give aways.

haha.. Well, Analog Soul has a store in Rockwell (Archeology), Glorietta (the Ramp) and TriNoma (beside Landmark).

They also have an online site, where you can place your orders (instructions are in the site) and they'll ship it right to your doorstep.

Maus said...

nice shirt!.,,
its a way to thanks ninoy--
passing here

angelinaaahh said...

great video!

Katrina said...

yeah true! :D

haha.. yeah it is, it's not mine though.. haha

Michelle Ngo said...

"spawning the irritating Kris Aquino..." that's good..haha