15 October 2008

You Got Fat

While we were at a meeting this morning, our treasurer looks at me and tells me, "Kat, you've gotten fat." That statement was enough to shake in some panic into my system. Afterward, we went out to have lunch and our sanitation officer reinforced it by saying, "Yeah, you did. Your cheeks has more volume now and so does your shoulders." My shoulders??

Sitting in the office isn't exactly the easiest way to avoid getting fat. I've tried swimming lessons, but apparently, my coach isn't a disciplined disciple as well. The best villains I can point my fingers to are: fast-food consumption, cold drinks, desserts and the lack of will power to do something about it. I really should start re-doing that food diary, though a little more exercise might do the trick.

Leaving the house at 5am and returning by 8pm doesn't really leave much time for exercise. The feared word: "Diet" seems to loom above my head. Have I reached that brink of desperation so quickly?

I am not fat, I just got a little bigger - and the culprit lies in my lifestyle. Must change it soon, before I balloon!


Joops said...

yes, fast food consumption will do it. Watch for your calories intake and you will see a difference in your weight.

Kwagoo said...

i'll try it out, hope the will is strong enough to combat the urges for a McFlurry and some fries. hehe

i'm planning on bringing and actually sticking to my packed lunch.. it could help save me some moolah too :D hehe