21 October 2008

Discourteous Waitress at Teriyaki Boy, Greenbelt

My friend just came back from the States today and we decided to have our lunch together. Of all the restaurants, we chose to have it at Teriyaki Boy, along Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi Street. It would've been a pleasant visit, had it not been for one waitress who needs to be reminded of proper customer attendance.

There were already hints of her being rude at the ordering phase of our visit, but I didn't pay it much attention. Whenever we needed anything, she would just drop the item on our table and walk away briskly, like she was trying to avoid any communication with us. I would understand a very busy store with lots of customers, but her treatment was deliberate and discourteous, as my friend later observed.

After our meal, we asked for the bill and she did the same thing - she walked beside our table, and WITHOUT STOPPING, just drops the billing folder on our table, mutters "bill" then goes away. She came back while my friend was still computing our individual expenses. My friend was slightly leaning over the OPEN folder, tapping on her cellphone and checking if the figures match, and as the money was already in the folder, the waitress, WITHOUT ASKING, tried to take away the folder; my friend had to stop her to tell her she isn't done paying yet.

I felt extremely disrespected as a customer and have decided to fill in the customer feedback sheet in order to express my unhappiness. Since both of us didn't bring any pens, we asked to borrow her pen while the waitress finally got to take our bill. While walking she turns and says, "GINAGAMIT KO EH, MAMAYA NALANG. (I'm still using it. I'll lend it later)". She didn't return with the pen.


That does it. I'm posting this complaint in my blog.


Anonymous said...

kahit nung wala pang masyadong tao, ganun na siya noh? haha!


Umma said...

Maybe she is in her PMS stage that day that's why she was grumpy.

If she is working in the US, she will never receive a tip unlike in Phils you don't need to give anything.

Thanks for the visit sis..

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

haay, there are really people who stink at customer service.

i remember a receptionist/hr assistant at a "customer service center" that i had a shouting match with at the lobby. she was R-U-D-E. i just couldn't let it go. i emailed the country manager of the company and the concerned professional organization and gave them a piece of my mind. hehe.


kuyanin said...

simply put, she doesn't love her job. Some restaurants have their comment, survey form or whatever they call it.

joy said...

hindi ba siya tinuruan ng manager nila about customer service. buti nilang cool kayo ng friend mo kasi kung sa ibang tao yun, baka pinahiya na siya sa lahat ng tao sa store.

Kwagoo said...

@ jess

Uu nga eh.. kakaasar talaga.. we went there early and she was already like that!

Kwagoo said...

@ umma
actually, we looked at the receipt if they made a service charge and thankfully they didn't. we didn't leave her any tip :D

my bf from the states even told me that i should have called the manager and filed a complaint, that's what they do there daw.

Kwagoo said...

@ carol
wow. well i haven't reached that stage of agitation yet.

i guess, that's the whole point why the service crew needs to undergo training so they can undo their habits and be a good customer-oriented crew.

a happy customer usually tells a few buds, but an unhappy one tells the world.

Kwagoo said...


yeah, the resto did have a customer feedback form, but we didn't bring a pen, and when we asked to borrow hers, she just said, "i'm using it, i'll lend it later" and later never came.

my friend and i were already pissed that we didn't bother to ask from another waiter. we just stood up and left.

Kwagoo said...

thanks. my friend and i aren't the types who like confrontations, we're not into making a big scene in public.

but if she continues this kind of poor service, maybe she might eventually encounter someone who'd put her in the spot.

Constance said...

that's terrible... ppl in Singapore would be as horrendous as bang the table and ask to see the manager..

but still, customer service must always be with pleasant. she is not cut out for the job.

Kwagoo said...

true true. customer service personnel should know how to make their customers happy. there are some folks here who won't hesitate raising their voices and scold the poor waitress out of her wits, she should be glad she didn't encounter that sort of thing with us. :D

krisel said...

same experience here, but not in the same resto... sobrang kaasar ang mga ganyang waitress... sana ni-report nyo sa manager nya para masabihan sya, for sure gagawin nya pa yan sa ibang customers.

Kwagoo said...


yeah. i'm regretting the fact that that thought didn't cross my mind. oh well, should that happen again next time, i'll know better! thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

what an amazing server! i would love to meet her!

Katrina said...


you just missed her kanina.. mic wanted to eat at teriyaki boy, but i told her im boycotting it!

Michelle said...

Baka meron siya...