03 October 2008

Policemen and Hold Uppers

On my way to work this morning, our FX was stopped by a policeman in the middle of Espana. The cop has the distinguishing beer belly bulking from his almost bursting uniform and an plastic-looking, but I-am-not-doubting-it's-real ArmaLite hanging around his thick neck. He was an ironic looking cop actually, as his big gun seemed overwhelmed by the enormity of his stomach and he fails to institute himself as a credible character. In a way, I thought he was going to take advantage of the poor FX driver and I would be late for work again because of they would have to engage in "negotiations". Thankfully that was not the case.

The policeman instructed the FX driver to look at the far right, where two men were being handcuffed by a group of crocodile policemen. One was in a white loose fitting shirt and baggy shorts, while the other man had a spot of red on his forehead, I assume to be blood, sporting a working man barong and slacks. They were caught hold-uppers of FXs (the policemen also pointed that these people had guns) and the policemen wanted us to note that there is still a sense of responsiveness in the police force and that civilians should be wary that hold ups really occur and should therefore be cautious in the future.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if the police force is truly virtuous and dignified individuals and that only a handful of corrupt ones have tainted the image of their patriotic and humanitarian nature. Sometimes I contemplate whether they are really not as prejudiced and pathetic as how many others have portrayed them. I've heard stories from friends and families who have experienced a policeman "hold-up", needing to give out money to the smiling crocodiles and their bloody yellow teeth of greed. I've heard how they converse with all the lines of a Fernando-Poe wannabe, trying to pull off superiority regardless of reason. But then again, I cannot blame them, some drivers and citizens are equally arrogant and temperamental. They may try to catch real hold-uppers, but in a sense, I believe they should also reassess themselves if they are that pristine to cast the first stone.

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