24 October 2008

Philippine Project Runway at SMX

Last night, my best friend, her sister and I went to SMX (where the Philippine Fashion Week is being held) to witness the collections of the first top three contenders in the Philippine's Project Runway. It started an hour later than scheduled, of which I am dreadfully thankful for since I arrived unfashionably late (I wasn't wearing anything fashionable, just my work clothes!) because I had to rush from my second work to the event venue.

When Theresa, the beautiful host of the show appeared to open the ceremony, I couldn't help but stare at her. She was an actual person, she actually exists! Sure, we all know she does because we get to see her on television, but it's an astounding experience to see her in front of you for real. To be honest, seeing most of the contestants and judges in person was overwhelming - this is really happening, and someone's career is really at stake!

The first to showcase his collection was Phillip and I must admit that his clothes were absolutely gorgeous. The models had the same hair that resemble pots on their heads, of which reminds me of ethnic groups. His theme, in my opinion, is more grounded on the Philippine culture and carries the natural barong colors. Most of his work are highly detailed, and would often bring a memory recall of his innovative use of the table cloth during the wedding gown episode. I'd assume that his target is of an older and more sophisticated class. In one word, I'd call his collection deliciously "Imeldific"!

The second to present his set was Veejay Floresca. Being the designer of my friend's gown for our upcoming high school reunion, I was really intrigued with what he has to offer, and I was badly disappointed. His collection appeared to have a light mocha, modern day urban lifestyle theme. Contrasted against Phillip's intricate collection, Veejay displayed a rather minimalist line, which my friend commented, "Looked RTW". Some of the dresses appeared unflattering or difficult (the fit didn't seem right) for the models. Sorry Veejay.

Last, but most definitely not the least was Aries' line. It was, as he mentioned, dedicated to his mother and entitled, "More Than A Woman". Coupled with a very catchy song, the audience generously gave him a hearty applause for a lot of pieces in the collection. The clothes were dark, modern urban (mostly for night wear) and are exceptional with their daring but tasteful cuts. They were fresh and classy, but at the same time very sexy. The crowds cheered more enthusiastically as one of his dresses was transformed into a three piece ensemble that the models paraded together and individually. My friend and I absolutely loved his collection! I must say that I have no doubts Aries is going to bag the winning title, but of course people have different opinions so I may be wrong.


Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

really? i thought veejay would have something good to offer considering he has done well in the previous episodes.

good for philip. at least his vacay from the middle east wasn't in vain. i absolutely loved his terno. i couldn't say the same for his wedding gown, though. hehe.

to be honest, i liked mara although she glued her first outfit. haha.

can't wait to see the event on TV!


Kwagoo said...


hi, thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, i was really expecting veejay to deliver astounding pieces, but i was really disappointed, maybe i was just expecting alot - or maybe i'm no fashion pro to know.

as for mara, i liked her too, even when she glued her dresses - but in the end though, my fondness of her kinda dwindled because she kept complaining and she was trying to act b*tchy even when nobody is really attacking her.

i can't wait to see it on tv too, i am dying to hear what the judges think and who will be the first ever pinoy pro-run champion :D

Anonymous said...

i hope mara showed a collection too. i would just love to see another hoodie on the runway

Katrina said...

@ anonymous

yeah.. i'd like to see what she can come up with.. she is pretty talented..