18 October 2008

Say Hello To My Manga

Recently, I've noticed that many of my peer's are uploading comic-like edgy avatars. Not wanting to be in the dark, I asked one of my friends, Edge, where they had their cartoons done and he pointed me to this site, Face Your Manga.

Following the instructions, I've come up with this.. say hello to my manga!

To those who don't know what a manga is, it's a Japanese term that denotes a cartoon or a caricature often "convey(ing) a sense of free-flowing composition and quirky style."


kittykat said...

nice work..tired that ones myself..i can't seem to profile myself..

iceah said...

cool avatar you got there c: i tried this too and i placed it in my other blog c:

thanx for the comment and for dropping by dear c:

Marlene said...

wow! I'll try this too...thanks

chubskulit said...

Hmmmnnn cute! Does it something to do with your personality? Just curious..

I added you in my fave list.. Hope you can add me back.. thanks!

roseyrose said...

Ganda, thanks for sharing.. I'll check it out..

Kwagoo said...

haha.. well, i don't think this avatar looks anything like me, but it's more of an interpretation of what i usually feel in public. an ultimate paranoid, shy-guy. :D haha

Kwagoo said...


really? wow! :D i'll try to pass by to see :D hehe

Kwagoo said...

cool! :D maybe you can post it, i'm really excited to see your avatar!:D

Kwagoo said...


yeah, i'm generally shy and i often have a lingering feeling of paranoia. haha.. so i think this avatar best encapsulates that aspect of me. plus, i love the way it looks so cute! :D

sure, i'll add you up in my list.. :D

Kwagoo said...


sure, np! :D you're welcome..

niko said...

cute avatar and a book worm??? (because of the eyeglasses!) hehehe

thanks for dropping by my site. i will link u up ha! pls link mine too?? take care..

Kwagoo said...

@ niko

haha. yeah.. sure np, i'll link you :D