10 October 2008

Analog Soul Trinoma Opens today!

I am so stoked.

Currently, I am working part time as a Marketing Associate of Analog Soul, a graphic design apparel label. The brand and items are "made in the Philippines", sporting designs from local graphic designers and artists. Lately, they just released a couple of shirts to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the late Benigno Aquino. Click here and here to see the shirts!

Yesterday, I was with Analog Soul as they arranged and put up their third store, in Trinoma! It's soft opening today and I am completely excited. It was the first time I was part of a store opening, or to be more accurate, to be involved in the production of a store-in-opening.

It was real fun and I enjoyed the whole experience of putting clothes into hangers, shopping for furniture (although I never really had much of an opinion), cleaning up the place, etc. I had to leave earlier than the rest of the crew though, as it was nearing midnight and I had a 6 am work to go to the next day (which is today, and yes I was late for work, huhuhu).

I wish I can pass by the store later after work.


joy said...

I saw analog soul being featured at Qtv, I just don't remember if it was at Fit and Fab or was it LIving it Up. I love the shirts and bags they displayed in the show

Kwagoo said...

hey joy,

glad you like the stuff. we just had an interview with fit and fab :D visit us when you have time! :D take care!!