17 October 2008

Christmas Gifts for Guys

Once the -ber months start, we all know that December is just around the corner and Christmas songs will begin to ring in every other mall you go to. It also signals the need to save and prepare one's Christmas give-aways. Even at this early time, I've already prepared my list and their respective receivables - I've even purchased some of the items so I won't feel the absurd pain in my wallet, or brave the anarchic traffic and fighting of shopping crowds during the merry season.

My list is almost complete, but I still have a couple more blanks to fill. In all my years of giving, I've always felt stumped when it comes to giving gifts to my guy friends. Shirts are usually out of the question, as I am not sure of their sizes, especially with the inconsistent sizing here in Asia. I've been giving bags, drinking games, Parker pens, sketch pads and books for the past years and this year, I want to give something novel or at the very least something that they'd appreciate, but within budget.

Can anyone help suggest any gifts for guys?


niko said...

hi thanks for dropping by!!

take care!

Michelle said...

Hi Guys and Girls,

My husband is an absolute fanatic when it comes to retro stuff. So for this Christmas I thought I would do a bit of research and try to find a gift that he would appreciate. So I’ve decided to scour the Internet for some inspiration and came across a website that does retro sweets.

A lot of guys do like gadgets and gizmos so it might be worth checking them out aswell.

Kwagoo said...


sure.. u take care too :D

Kwagoo said...


Cool, yeah I totally forgot that! thanks! :D

I checked the site you recommended and.. I want the Ipod Alarm clock! haha...

Tiffiney said...

I love Christmas..but I hate spending money!! Since I have four kids our budget for others is slim..so we are making our gifts again this year..We are going to to aprons for the women and then a man BBQ apron for the guys..I think most guys like to BBQ so that should work..men are pretty easy, they like movies, so a gift certificate to the movies or just getting them a DVD works, Beer of the month club is always a winner..lol..tools, games, hats, sports things..the list can go and on..the real question is What can these guys get you? ;)

Kwagoo said...


Thanks for the ideas, they're very very helpful! Yeah, I've done research on what hand made gifts I can make, but I'm not very good in the sewing department so the aprons won't work for me. I think the DVD would work if most of the movies aren't as easily download-able as they are here.. hehe..

But I think I like the sports things and games and beer of the month club ideas.. Food gourmands would also love gift certs. :D Lemme see what I can find! :D

Haha.. I've never really thought what they'd give me though. I've always seen Christmas gifts as an excuse to splurge and dote on people who I care for and am thankful for.. hehe