28 June 2008

62nd Tony Awards

A few days ago, Charm told me to open up the television and watch the 2008 Tony Awards. Unfortunately, I was too glued on to my chair and computer to move my sorry ass in front of the tv. They're bound to upload the event in the net in a couple of days. And true enough.. they did.. and boy was I sorry to have not watched it earlier.

I am an avid fan of musicals, and well.. Some of the broadway musicals that were aired on the show were Rent, South Pacific, Grease, Young Frankenstein, Crybaby (I honestly prefer Johnny Depp's movie), Little Mermaid and the like. Right now, I'm wallowing in my self-pity. Why didn't I go watch it last Sunday?

Forgive me, but I just can't help posting these entertaining videos I found in You.Tube. Enjoy!

Whoopi Goldberg performing.. The "Phantom of the Opera"

Lion King
*Beautiful production.
*Simba's so cute!

*It's not bad.
*Must love's Sandy's oober flexible bod and high-kicks. hehe

South Pacific
*Emile and Nellie's voices were remarkable, in my opinion.

Drools. Drools. Drools..


jepoyzters said...

nice post! sheesh... I wanna go to New York and watch Lion King, Les Miserables, Avenue Q, Wicked, etc. hahahahah... bow ako sa Lion King

Kwagoo said...

ditto! mom keeps telling me that she wants to do the same. So wish we'd get that chance!..

I love Wicked.. Idina Menzel is sooo good.. haha..

Yeah bow din ako sa production ng Lion King hehe... :D

Did you get to see the You.Tube of the musicals Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast? :D

Chachoy said...

I can't believe you miss this show... of all the people... I guess it made you frown that night when you find out how awesome it was... =/

Kwagoo said...

no. i just sulked in my self-pity for a few minutes, then moved on.. haha decided seeing it in YouTube is better than not seeing it at all :D haha..

fine.. i frowned.. but i'm smiling now :D