29 June 2008

New Reads for the Month

Rockwell Fully-Booked was having a sale yesterday. I am not sure if they still have now, but all that mattered to me was to take advantage of it. Most items were at a 20 percent discount, and when computed really was a good bargain.

These are going to be my new reads:

I also bought myself a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth. (Sorry, I can't find the accurate picture of the cover online)

Not bad. 700 bucks for three Best Selling Books.

I wanted to buy the Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory McGuire, writer of Wicked, but decided against it for lack of a budget. I hope I did the right thing though. And yes, I intend to buy Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister eventually.

I resolved not about to overspend on books now, knowing there will be an upcoming International Book Fair at the SMX on September 12-16, 2008. (Mark your calendars!)

Until then, I'd be trying to save up money for that great book shopping galore!

If anyone's selling books out there for relatively good prices, please contact me! :D I generally can't resist. LOL. Thanks


Anonymous said...

hnd ko naaabutan sale sa fully booked, hmmmm


Kwagoo said...

haha.. ok lng yan.. sabay tau sa international book fair sa sept :D