30 June 2008

PSP vs. iPod

This afternoon, I met up with a high school friend for a good game of Counterstrike and DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). It's been a fairly long while since I last tried the games and I must admit I performed as bad as I had expected. It's embarrassing really, PVP (Player vs. Player game) one on one, 24 vs. 51. Apparently, my score was the lower end of the comparison.

After the game, which he kindly paid for (thanks Edge!), we had dinner at Tropical Hut. That's when we discussed about things as our personal love lives and notes, interests and finally to Bleach and PSP.
Being a fan of Bleach, I was awestruck by the cool moves and POVs of the game version of the show. Not only were the images clear, the transitions smooth, it felt like an actual scene from the show. After allowing me a few rounds at his PSP, he can tell I was hooked!

PSP, Playstation Portable, is a portable game consul manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. This device allows the user to play high definition games in any location (thus called portable), it can also store and play videos and music files, as well as preview pictures and e-books. According to my friend, PSP also provides access to the internet, unfortunately, he wasn't able to show me this particular feature because of the lack of a Wi-Fi. He informed me that he has a friend who is selling PSP consuls for roughly 7,000 Php. Tempting.

On the other hand, I have a college friend who is currently selling iPods for a fairly good price. I had always wanted an iPod since I am a self-confessed music addict. I often imagine myself going to the gym or walking on the hallways in my personal MTV video, with my own set of beats. With the iPod dock, music will no longer be limited to your earplugs, and thus can be shared with your friends (to tolerate). The iPod is, as I believe, one of the trendiest social symbols of today. If you, by some mysterious chance, have never heard about or encountered an iPod, click here to learn about it.

Having a very limited budget, my frugality alarm rang really loudly in my poor little head and told me that it would only permit me to purchase one of the two.

So what will it be?

PSP or iPod?



Chachoy said...

I say stick with the Ipod. PSP is actually cool if your a gamer but think about the software you have to buy a just a silly game. And remember its $ we're talking. Ipod on the otherhand is FREE. Download pirate songs using limewire or other software without paying anything. I heard that you can download Pirated softwares for PSP... But in the end I always want to compare "size" and "portability"

Razaele said...

It was great seeing you again Kat! I had a great time!

Kwagoo said...

so know.. but at the same time, if i get the psp, i get to share the expense with my bros who'd be dying to play video games. think think think.. :D

yeah, it was great seeing you again too! :D so want to play dota again, hope i improve though.. or else we'll be playing again for another decade. hehe

Marjorie said...

Hmmm.... Ipod na, with your song collection, I think mas bagay sa iyo Ipod.