28 June 2008

This Better NOT Happen Again..

Sometimes, weird things occur when we endeavor to try to make things better.

Yesterday, I intended to arrive at work earlier than usual. I had already advanced my cellular phone's clock by 20 minutes. It had promptly woke me up at 4.30 in the morning and I was at my regular routine of trying to negotiate with myself how much longer I am permitted to stay in bed. I managed to get dressed by 5 am, and was out a little while later.

Often, the clouds would be dark-purple with hints of yellow-pink, the streets would fairly awake with fast speeding cars and scores of public transportation FXs would be driving through in search for passengers. Curiously, yesterday, I couldn't seem to be able to hail any Fx's going to my destination. It took me almost 15 minutes just to find an Fx, and to add, it was the slowest one in the bunch. Other cars were gladly overtaking our vehicle. Considering the street wasn't, in any way, crowded, our vehicle was moving at a ridiculously slow pace.

The car was in such a bad shape that the driver had to go down and assist passengers getting off since the door at the back of the Fx was already showing grave signs of wear and tear. It doesn't seem to close properly, leaving the door to be dangerously half-open if the passenger failed to bang it right.

15 minutes away from my destination, the bus stop, the Fx finally revealed it's terrible secret. It overheated... And after almost 15 minutes of trying to get it working, the driver finally surrendered and gave us each some money to transfer to another ride.

Apparently, my endeavor to arrive earlier at work failed. I hope the same thing won't happen again.


Chachoy said...

How bout you buy a car and ask mommy and daddy for you gas allowance? =D

Kwagoo said...

not likely. considering that gas prices are really up, parking will be another big problem. :D

plus, i haven't exactly learned how to drive yet!! haha

you should have taught me when you were here last year.. haha

Chachoy said...

well... you were with me when I was driving in the Philippines right? I was about to piss me pants since California driving can't survive the treacherous Philippine driving... haha

Kwagoo said...

chicken-wuss! haha

well to add, i made you drive a manual when you're so used to driving an automatic.. with almost my whole family at the back seat.. hahaha...

sorry bout that hon :*