26 June 2008

Break Time

Lunch break time. Let me just sneak a little post here.

Sometimes during work, when the day gets really tiring and fatigue is creeping up on me, I need something to lift my spirits and this is exactly the cure I need. It never fails to make me laugh.

The Backdorm Boys is a group of Chinese guys living in the same dormitory lip singing to local and international favorites and uploading their acts in You.Tube. Their videos have generated much attention which made them international celebrities. The prime members, the tandem you'd always see, as I know are Huang Yu Xin and Wei Wei.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.


jepoyzters said...

Hahahaha... yeah I remember these two guys. They are so funny!

I think they're from GuangZhou, China not Taiwan. According to Wiki.

Have you watched their "Don't Lie" video? Funny din yun...

Kwagoo said...

China? alright, let me correct that.. :D haha..

Yeah, I did. Yu Xin was wearing a pair of earrings and was just adorable! haha..