17 December 2008

Mocha and Frap

Last Saturday, my ever pet-loving sister brought home two little rascals into our lives. She had found them in the market and had begged my mom to buy them. The old woman who was said to be selling them needed the money badly and therefore sold the new born pups of their bitch - there were three puppies, actually, but mom only bought two - a white male and a brown female.

When they got home, I was really surprised to learn about the acquisition and much more, at the fact, that my sister didn't have anything planned for the newcomers - there was no bed, no food, really no plans at all. She didn't even inquire about their age. Thankfully, dad, despite not being an animal lover, knows a couple of things about dogs and claimed that the puppies were roughly a month and a half or 6 weeks old, which was later confirmed by the vet. I took it upon myself to provide for the little puppies - taking into account that this might as well be a lesson in responsibility. My first purchases for them are their puppy dog food, their milk, some baby bottles and a very comfortable bed. I think the excitement has gotten to me, as I'm practically throwing my money away for these little babies.

I wanted to name them Ninja and April or Figaro, but the family settled for Mocha and Frap, in honor of my little sister's favorite Starbucks drink. Frap, the male, was assigned to me, since my sister wanted to be taking care of the girl. Only after the family commended Frap to resemble a Japanese Spitz did she regret her decision. My brothers, on the other hand, like the regular males they are, acted generally apathetic towards the puppies and would visit them only to entertain themselves.

I brought them to the vet last Monday for B-complex shots to improve their immune system. The rest of their shots will follow in the weeks to come.

A friend once told me that you know you are ready to have a baby when you can take care of a dog. I think he's right. They're a lot of work.

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niko said...

nice name for your family dogs dear kat! mocha frap :D nice nice really..

i love dogs too, id like to have two in the future il name them oreo and cream o :D

that is when my daughter is big enough to take care of them, responsibility it is! she has to learn..

am glad ur back blogging dear. keep it up!