08 January 2009

Starting a Personal Customized Shoe Collection

During the Christmas break, my dad had us all wake up early in the morning to do some jogging/ walking. Our grandfather also joins us in these dawn treks around our neighborhood in order to improve his blood circulation. Due to this, it has come to our attention that I don't have any more functional rubber shoes. They are either of the wrong color, or at the verge of being put to the grave. By the wrong color, I mean that it has bright vibrant colors, which I or my siblings are not allowed to wear.

Following Chinese tradition, once a family member moves on to their next life, we would have to go through a period of mourning. During these times, bright colors, reds and yellows are forbidden in the next two years. I had to pack away almost all of my good clothes in a big suitcase, not to be touched until the mourning period has elapsed.

Going to back to my story, since I don't have any rubber shoes, I decided to buy a pair of cheap Advan canvas shoes and customize it to my own liking. A pair costs around 200 pesos. This is what I finished.

For bigger images, check them out in my multiply site. I entitled it "Butterfly", in loving memory of my late grandmother. It is believed that the spirit of departed beloved returns to us in the form of a butterfly.

After seeing what I finished, my mom and a couple more friends felt that it would be wasteful for me to wear it and have it all dirtied up. My boyfriend suggested that I start a collection - buy another pair of Advan and continue producing these customized shoes, keep the nice ones and wear the not-so-interesting pairs. Sounds like a pretty outrageous thing, but it's pretty cool, thinking you have your own collection of customized shoes. I can also probably consider this for my next Christmas give-away. :)


Chachoy said...

nice shots

pchi said...


you could use them as a giveaway
pero hirap din yun 'cause different people have different shapes (feet)

I hope your grandma is at peace now

happy new year! (late n noh>)