30 December 2010

Welcoming 2011 Calendars

This Christmas, I had that rare drive to Photoshop like crazy - and the only way to be able to so is if I would take on a project. Having long retired from being an artist, it takes a while to get back on track.

Inspired by one of my mom's give-aways a few years back, my boyfriend and I designed the following CD labels for 2011 - the year of the Rabbit. I really must give a hats off to the bf for all the patience and hard work he has exerted for this project.
Using old discarded CDs, which are plentiful in our household , we decided to recycle them into nice calendar give-aways to friends and officemates.

For presentation, I bundled the CDs together and secured them with a thick strap of plain colored paper. I would then put them on a small frame stand. The picture of the final product below.

It's a pretty neat idea that I would like to attribute to Dianne Tan, who first made CD calendars for my mom a few years back.

Have a hopping 2011!

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Double Glazing said...

These are really cute calendars. These will help me on track with all of my schedules.