01 January 2011

2011 New Year Resolutions

With 2010 melted away like gel slithering stickily in our brains (okay, I don't know where that comparison came from) and 2011 giving a big yawn of salutations. It has become customary to pen down some long desired goals in the hope that the new year would provide the venue for one to put them into action. To begin, I'd like to list down my 2010 goals first and cross out the ones I accomplished.

2010 Goals
1. Get driver's license

Yes, it's official. Be afraid because I can legally drive around the streets. To those who personally know me, I think you know what this means.

2. Go on a photoshoot

Had two of these this year, so not bad. A and B

3. Go to Tagaytay with friends

Not exactly the group I had in mind, but I was still able to go with my GFAPY friends.

4. Backpacking adventure

Technically, this was the Antipolo trip with Marjorie. It's not a backpacking adventure but I guess it would do.

5. Go on a Visayas trip with Charley
This didn't push through due to financial and time constraints.

6. Lose weight.
Apparently I gained them all back.

7. Go out of the country

The He Hui Po Association decided to go to Taiwan for 2010 and boy that really helped me meet this goal.

8. Try my hand at photography again.

Visitations of the Past album. Yes!

Now for 2011.

I've decided to make my goals more specific and segregate them into five different categories to have a holistic sense of what I aim to do namely: (A) Lifestyle, Religious and Health, (B) Finances, (C) Family and Friends, (D) Leisure and (E) Personal/ Miscellenous goals. In general, I will be plotting out primary dates in my organizers as a reminder of these goals.

How to make sure I will follow my 2011 Goals
In order to make this year's goals more challenging, I decided to make a point system for myself in determining how well I will meet my goals and round all these up at the end of the year. Total score aimed for is 1000 pts.

My ratings will be as follows:
750 + It is a year well spent
500 - 750 Turn over resolutions to 2012. Try a little more.
250 - 500 It's like you didn't try. Average rating.
250 - A complete waste. Failure

So without further ado, let's welcome in my new set of goals for 2011.

2011 Goals

A. Lifestyle, Religious and Health:
1. Get back into Sports. Make it a weekly religion. (3 pt for every session)
2. Go to confession at least once per month. (5 pts for every session)
3. Reach and maintain a weight of 125 lbs. (15 pts)
4. Join a charity association or group. (10 pts)

B. Finances:
1. Deposit X amount per payday in personal savings account. (5 pts for every deposit)
2. Fill up the old and new KFC bucket coin bank. (15 pts per coin bank)
3. Save up to 10,000 Php of crispy bills. (10 pts per 10,000 Php)
4. Do not overspend.
5. Learn and invest in the stock market.(15 pts)

C. Family and Friends:
1. Treat the family out to a personally discovered restaurant. (5 pts)
2. Make a potluck/ picnic get together with friends.(5 pts)
3. In certain circumstances, when possible, drop everything and help someone in need.
4. Try to go to a people-skills related seminar. (10 pts)
5. Do something extra-ordinary for people that matter. (5 pts each)
6. Organize a whole family (with extended family) trip. Can be connected with Leisure 1 or 2. (10 pts)
7. Make peace with...

D. Leisure:
1. Go to a non-work related, non-association related trip out of Metro Manila. (10 pts)
2. Go to a non-work related, non-association related trip out of the country. (12 pts)
3. Go to Sagada and Banawe. This is not included in Leisure No. 1. (10 pts)
4. Optional: Go to Boracay, Palawan or Cebu. (BONUS: 5 pts for every location visited)

E. Personal/ Miscellaneous:
1. Drive to work and eventually, to Cavite. (10 pts)
2. Finish at least 1 book per month. (5 pts per book)
3. Enroll in a Chinese proficiency class. (10 pts)
4. Try to join a choir or take singing lessons. (1 pt per session)
5. Allot one day to relax and rejuvenate every month. (3 pts)
6. Join in a contest. (5 pts per contest, additional 10 if won)
7. Get 6-8 hours of sleep. Anything less is a deduction of 5 pts to the total score.
8. Get more practice in photography.
9. Join a fun run. (5 pts for every run)
8. Bonus: Cook Charley's gumbo and make Charley's mom's special ham. (5 pts each)

It seems like a hectic and goal laden year, but I am optimistic this will push me further into becoming better. I do hope I'd be able to stick with the point system though. It might be a struggle at first, but they do say, it takes 16 to 21 times of repeating an act to make it a habit.

Have you penned down your goals and resolutions yet?

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