12 February 2009


A week ago, I went to a nearby eye clinic and had my eyes checked. I observed that I was experiencing awful headaches, vertigo and a difficulty in focusing my eyes. Through the test, I learned that I have already incurred eye damage - near-sightedness. Due to this, I feel compelled to revamp my current lifestyle of being in front of the computer over 15 hours a day.

Today, perhaps paired with the lack of sufficient rest and sleep, I am experiencing the same throbs in the head and a slight hint of nausea as I battle the computer screen. Yes, I've already reduced the screen brightness to almost nothing but I cannot deny how much it still pains my eyes.

I have no intention of compromising my health to this degree, as my eyesight is one of my favored pride and asset - needing to wear corrective glasses is a very regretful thing for me, indeed. I am asserting myself to increase my Vitamin A intake and improve my diet, as I've noticeably become wider in the past few months. I don't know how I can squeeze in more rest into my schedule, but I will strive to find the best possible way to do just that. Physically, aside from a substantial weight gain, people notice that I am usually haggard, aged and tired - exhibiting irritability, fatigue and a general lack of enthusiasm.

Are my earnings a good enough reason to be enduring this? After my back pain a couple of weeks ago, I've come to thinking that my lifestyle these past five months is slowly depriving me of my life, and is, quite frankly, killing me. Something must be done, and that something must be done soon.

I really do hope everything would turn out alright.