11 February 2009

Too Much Bacon

This lunch, I challenged myself with a Wendy's Baconator, a sinful pack of calories and fat paired up with some deep-fried french fries and a glass of Sprite - truly I can imagine it whacking my whole system with all it's juicy lard. Processed pigs and cows held together with white mayonnaise and a couple of buns.

I wasn't able to finish my burger in one, even two seatings - it lasted me the whole day just to completely consume the whole burger - a serious slap to a girl who used to pride herself for her seemingly insatiable appetite. My current lifestyle is depriving me of my daily food intake and has already weakened my buffet bonanza powers.

And right after finally overcoming this gigantic feat, I get to click onto this site from a work mate's YM status.. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the "Bacon Explosion Pork Bomb Barbecue Recipe" by the BBQ Pit Boys.

You must admit, that bacon weave looks mighty tasty.

That's why heart disease is the leading killer of mankind - but at least you die happy.

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