24 August 2009

Hello Philippines: The Show

After almost three months of tedious rehearsals and third degree dramas, the Hello Philippines production has conceded to its natural death of final curtain call, in short - it is done. (Awaiting a new breed of actors to fill in the shoes of Anton, Brichi, Elsa, Toni and Berna).

Now that we've concluded the production, let me spill a few beans about what occurred behind the scenes. This is my first play as I've mentioned in my previous posts and to be honest, I am still feeling the shaky stance of theater shock inside me. It felt like everything was falling apart days, even hours, prior to our opening day - songs haven't been memorized perfectly, our blocking were still being reassessed and redirected, demoralization was plaguing the actors. I would like to commend everyone for holding their ground, trying to pull everything together, being patient and understanding of everyone's qualms. We were absolutely but pleasantly surprised that the play turned out pretty good, receiving positive reviews from our audiences.

Before I go any further, let me share some of the photos of our 7PM show last August 22, 2009 (Saturday) at the College of Masscom, Media Center. Once again, Hello Philippines is written by Albert Cruz and directed by Dax Carnay.

Pictures by: Tricia Fernandez c/o Jill Masalonga

Pictures by: Sundee Guevara

Permit me to once again introduce to you our characters:

Fellow bender, Edmundo Abad Jr. as the office heart throb, ex-activist Anton - and can I add that he sings gloriously well that the crowd seems to practically swoon whenever he starts singing. LOL.

The uncontested comedian with his everlasting falsetto voice, whether on or off the show, Marvin Salazar as the intellectual gay, Brichi

Jill Masalonga as the overpowering religious queen, Pader Chelsea "Elsa Day" who easily became the crowd favorite for her outstanding and "give-all" performance

The wonderful and future "Irma Adlawan" (according to Jill M.), Nicole Manlulo as the maleficent, user-friendly Toni. She's actually a very nice person in real life.

This is just me playing the dumb Berna. Skip skip skip.

Our hard-working director, Dax Carnay taking the role of the Tiffany, an HR personnel who thinks she's Tyra Banks. Rawr.

The first person that deserves praise for this production goes to our director, Dax Carnay - being fully aware of all the hardships that he had to endure and overcome, applause to you Dax for managing it all. Also, for trusting in me that I'd be able to pull this role off. Big hugs to you, Dax.

To DM, our SM, for being our personal little secretary - unfailingly reminding us of our schedules, our cues, our blocking, fetching our things, for being our ear whenever we felt slighted - you rock! Thanks so much. Oh, she also played Toni on the last show, kudos to you on that.

To UP Repertory and their alumni, thank your for putting forward your generally logical and fair critiques - for putting up with our many initial flaws and extending your support and help in ensuring that the show would be worth the 220 peso door charge. Even being a non-orgmate, I can still feel the camaraderie, friendship and love that encircles everyone in the said organization - everyone seems to be genuinely supportive and good-hearted and to add, funny. Galing niyo guys, para nga talagang pamilya.

To Kristel Perlas, the original and Abet's inspiration for my character, Berna, for being my alternate, even when I don't give you 100 percent of my attention and interest - to be honest I felt so insecure of you and undeserving of the role. Thank you for putting up with me and trying to be as nice as you can possibly be. Hope everything mends well in the future, and best wishes to you and your acting career.

To Tito Sundee Guevara for always being a cheery face to lift us up and for being our photographer. Thank you.

To Judee Bendiola, even if it was just a short while that we got to bond, it was really cool meeting and knowing you and sharing and conniving with you. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors.

To Ricardo Canapi, who facilitated our earlier marketing materials and for sending me a Twitter boost of support. Thank you, that really had an impact on me.

To my friends who took time to watch our production, one big hug to all of you. I hope that you enjoyed it. Also, to the benders who watched our show!

Last, but not least, to my fellow actors, to Nicole, Ed, Jill and Madam - it's you guys that made this play extra special for me. Had it been another group, I don't think the play would've come out as wonderful and as hilarious as what transpired the past few days. Thank you for being good friends, even in difficult times when we all have our little secrets and hardships and heartaches. You were all fantastic, and I love you guys, honest. Will really miss the times we shared together.

As DM always says, see you when I see you


DM said...

awwww.. it was s touching ate kats.. naluluha ako ngaun.. :(( hay.. for the nth time.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

di bale.. kahit tapos na ung play. sigurado naman ako na hindi mababaon sa limot ang lahat ng ito and we will still be good friends and better actors right. :D



DM said...

then again..

See you when I see you. :D hehe

Paulo Cobankiat said...

Wow Mare, this is great. I'm really happy for you ^^ Looks to me like you really found a great group of people to work with on this. Great people, and a great play... I'm actually quite envious, and 100% happy for you =)

- Paulo