06 July 2010

Wedding Bells

"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage." - Martin Luther

With barely a month's notice, I am still in the state of utter disbelief that one of my peers shall be bidding farewell to his glorious days of single-blessedness. Of course, many of my batch mates have already passed this stage - and yet, when it is someone who you've practically grown up with, this sort of scenario takes quite a while to absorb. Friends, they seem to be extensions of oneself, and when one takes that leap of faith, it seems almost undeniable that someone would ask, "Who's next?"

I would've been surprised earlier had I been more vigilant in attending our group's get-together dinners and trips. Perhaps being among the last to incur this information, it is still perfectly understandable that I am held agog by the speed at which their wedding will be taking place. In a few more weeks, he shall be welcomed into the world of legal, marital responsibilities and conjugal division of properties. A crazy world where I am sure I'm not yet willing to contract myself into.

Conditioning myself that wedding invites from friends will soon be pouring in, as there will be more for this year from people I personally know, I begin to question how people can be so quick and resolute in making decisions that would bind them for the rest of their lives. The death-bound communion of two souls. Surely, any romantic could read this as an act of unbridled, unconditional love and conviction. I guess I am not as passionate. I do not have ample maturity to be engulfed into that perilous world.

Still, it is their happiness and not mine, that is on the line, in respect to this post. I am glad that they've found each other and have sufficiently convinced themselves that this is the path they shall be treading for the remainder of their long lives.

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