23 September 2009

High Fashion in UP. Photoshoot. 08.30.09

A few months ago, my boyfriend requested for some photos of me so he can display it in his newly decorated room. Being in a long distance relationship, we don't have many good photographs of each other - so I was more than willing to oblige this request.

I requested the help of a friend, Marlene Hsu to be so kind as to be my photographer for this endeavor. Having had taken a variety of photography classes under big names as Lito Sy, an avid photography enthusiast, I was more than confident that she would be able to give justice to the pictures and meet my boyfriend's stringent standards.

Marlene has just sent me the re-sized versions of my pictures, which I submitted to my boyfriend for his approval. Our deal though was that the photos were solely his and not meant to be shared with anyone else. I do want to credit Marlene for her incredible work - as I am observably not model material and yet she was able to pull something off. Thus, I had my boyfriend select a set of photos I can post in my blog to acknowledge my friend's talent and service.

Below are some of the photos he permitted me to post - not exactly the best ones, but still beautifully shot.

Location: University of the Philippines, Diliman (because it's free!)

I also asked my cosplay friend, Izabel Cortez to join me in this photo session, as this was my first and I'd really appreciate some help and direction with other models. Here are some of our photos.

Alright, so in general vanity has once again consumed me. But then again, you won't be young forever. The photo shoot was fun, and I wonder if there will ever be a next one for me. Hehe

Marlene Hsu: Multiply. Flickr.
Izabel Cortez: Multiply.


izabel said...

why not? hehehe. there'll be more to come. weee~ thanks dear. see you at the next cons. ;)

aby said...

nice pictures! :)