26 September 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

The rain has been pouring for hours now and frighteningly, this is one of the few occasions when our front porch gathered enough rainfall to flood. The wind bellows outside my window, as the rain crashes violently onto our rooftops. Unceasing, it has been like this for hours now - from the moment I got out of bed until this very moment that I've taken to my blog to write.

I found a video in Youtube that I want to post here. It was taken in Makati, on the street where I used to work. Totally alarming.

I've received news updates from many friends caught in the belly of this catastrophic typhoon - stranded in the flooded streets of the metropolis or unable to leave the comfort of their homes and offices bearing hour after hour of hunger and fatigue, without any means of attaining food and nourishment. Just seeing the video above, it would be completely heartless to have delivery boys or anyone at that, to brave these horrid conditions. Others have already resolved and resorted to staying in their offices for the night. What a sad picture this is to paint. This is absolutely going to be a "long" weekend for many.

Sometimes you wonder how things would be different if we had better drainage systems and more reliable roads, if we had a better emergency scheme in dealing with these sorts of situation; surely a handful of these inconveniences could be detoured. Then again, it is in situations like this that we get to test our resiliency and innovation - sigh, ain't it grand to live in the Philippines.

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