14 September 2009

Hello Philippines: Hangover

Another entry I've procrastinated so long to post. A couple of weeks ago, Kuya Sundee Guevara gave us our pictures from our Hello Philippines play. Aside from the photos I posted earlier in a previous entry, I'll be posting some more - others from our rehearsals, and others from the show itself. Here is a quick recap of what transpired in our lives the past few months.. and how it seems like an empty gap in our evenings now that it has ended. Enjoy.

P.S. Sorry nalang kung puros pictures ko, blog ko kasi ito eh. Hahaha

These are photos from our very first rehearsal at Pioneer, when we first laid eyes on each other and learned each others names. At the same time, this was the first time, we've really gone through the script until the end.

Music rehearsal with Ms. Pretty, a brilliant voice coach who taught us how to make sense of the techno-beat music we had to sing to, by Arkel - who happens to also be in the photo below.

Our rehearsal location has been moved to the MOO-something office in Shaw, and thus that's where we continued our practice. We were doing an "In-the-Round" setup, meaning audiences will be surrounding us, thus the four corner choreography.

Of course, who can forget our memorable guesting in Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out.

Finally, we moved to UP Vinzons Hall where we continued our rehearsals. This time, the stage setup has changed drastically. Most of our blockings were reevaluated and had to be relearned - in addition, choreography of the dances have been added. If you also notice, we also have subs now.

Prior to opening night, we all had a technical dress rehearsal, and I was late as always, coming from work. Kristel, my sub, had to play my role for the first part of the run.

Of course, the show itself.

I am still waiting for the cast party. :D

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