03 April 2010

Kho Youth League 2010 Trip (Day 2)

March 29, 2010 (Monday)

We were awake by half past five despite the monotonous whirring of the air conditioner trying to lure us back into slumberville. On the second day of our out of town trip, the Kho Youth League is scheduled to go to Legazpi, Albay - a two hour drive away from the Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC).

Wiping sleep off our eyes, we quickly dressed up to meet the group gathered outside the front of our cabins - most of them punctual to the dot. Realizing it was already the second day of the trip, the decade old banner of the Kho Youth League was produced out of nowhere ready for a round of picture taking to immortalize the moment.

The morning was cool as we went to the lobby waiting for breakfast to come. Apparently, boredom got the best of us and we ended up taking the liberty of going around and taking photos of the Villa del Rey lobby as could be seen below.

A definite favorite. This is the Men's comfort room.
Apparently, a lot of guys loved it. LOL

At the back of Villa del Rey, we found three choppers, which we reckon to belong to the some of the big names that have stayed the night at CWC. Being such naive and enthusiastic children, we amused ourselves with the vehicles taking rounds to have a photograph with them.

As you can see the letter stuck onto the window of the helicopter, you can already guess which big name's orange (*hint hint) chopper I am likely posing with.

After breakfast, we all boarded our respective cars and the two hour long journey to Albay commenced. I'd like to elaborate more on our way there, but in general, I spent almost the whole time sleeping, only waking when we reached our destination.

Our first stop was Globe Quest Adventures at Lignon Hills, Legazpi City to try out their zip-line. The weather had shifted from bright and sunny to cold and windy paired with a light drizzle of rain. Mom did say that the climate in Albay is awfully fickle.

Lignon Hills is a steep uphill climb. Tarpaulins of the stations of the cross marked almost every turn up - an annual event they practice for Holy Week.

Aside from zip-lining, Global Quest Adventures also offers rappelling and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) rides going to Mayon Volcano. Prices are generally affordable with zip-lining and rappelling costing at 200 pesos/ head. While ATV rides good for two people are 1800 pesos/ hour and 2500 pesos/hour for ATVs good for three. We would've wanted to try rappelling, but due to the light rain shower, it wasn't advisable.

Lignon Hills overlooks the Mayon Volcano, the volcano famous for it's "perfect cone", which makes Lignon Hills a perfect camwhoring location. And nothing beats jump shots c/o Stephanie's Linux LX3.

My brother and me

Me, Val and Steph

Me and Steph

We boarded our cars once again, this time to go to a rented beach house beside Bacacay Beach. It was another long ride going there, I lost track of time sleeping all the way until the car halted and passengers began getting off.

It was almost 1 in the afternoon when we arrived and a buffet of seafood was waiting for us. From grilled fish to steamed shrimp and crabs and laing, we stuffed ourselves full as the children impatiently swallowed a few bites of food to convince their parents they're ready to jump into the spring water pool or to run off to the black sand beach of Bacacay.

Not being a big beach fan, I decided to wade in the cold salty water; the weather keeping true to its cool and cloudy mood throughout the day would cry a few tears of rain occasionally as the children and adults played and swam. As the rain began to beat harder, I retreated back into the beach house to dry up and do some karaoke.

Our hosts, Auntie Grace and her husband, tried to convince us to stay the night at Legazpi so we can travel early the next morning to Donsol to watch the butandings (whale sharks), known as the world's largest fish. Whale sharks visit Donsol from late November until May, and during our visit, we were told that there was a good chance of seeing the said mammals. Unfortunately, due to flight schedules and work commitments, we had to beg off. Perhaps we can add that to the itinerary on our next trip.

After an afternoon full of swimming and karaoke-ing and eating, we headed back to Naga. Another nauseating two hour trip back, which I have to admit gave me quite a headache. For dinner, we stopped by Bob Marlin, where we once again were served the usual Filipino favorites as Bulalo, Sinigang, Dinuguan and the like.


End of day two.

*Some photos were taken from Stephanie and Ahya William Villanueva's albums.


Grysh said...

Aww. Wish i really could have gone with you guys :((

Kwagoo said...

Hugs Grysh. There's always a next time naman. Meron naman tayo annual outing eh, bawi ka nalang next year :)

This May may badminton daw, sama ka! :D