25 April 2010

Happy Birthday Guadalupe

Completed on December 18, 2009, as my best friend's Christmas-slash-birthday gift, let me introduce, "Happy Birthday Guadalupe". Of course, my best friend is not Guadalupe; the name can be attributed to the Killers song that was playing in my head on rewind, as I was working on this pair. We were stoked for the Killers concert that was supposed to take place last January 30, 2010, but due to some internal problems, the show was canceled, leaving us heartbroken.

Anyway, this came from the same concept as Monster Campus and was finished in the SM Corporate office as I was rushing to have the shoes ready for the night's exchange gift. We weren't informed beforehand that the other friends were planning on giving their Christmas presents that night - learning about this a few days ahead, I had to rush to finish the pair. It did come out pretty cute right?

She liked it. And that was enough to make me happy.

She brought Guadalupe over last January to have it sprayed with fixative, and I took the chance of requesting if I could take a photograph of the pair and post it in my blog as a keepsake. She agreed. And I'm so happy she did, because I just really love the colors. :D


Grysh said...

The shoes is so nice. You are very talented at this. Do you plan to start a business with these shoes? You'll definitely do great!

crocs said...

I agree.. The shoes are impressive! I observed that most of your design are unique and awesome. Keep them coming!