04 April 2010

Kho Youth League 2010 Trip (Day 3)

March 30, 2010 (Monday)

The itinerary of our third day in Naga is a trip to the Panicuason Hot Springs. An hour long drive from CWC, I've realized that I should remember to prep my butt next time we travel in the province because rides to most of what was in our plans seemed to go beyond my usual 30 minute power naps.

The entrance fee to the said resort is 200 pesos for adults, 100 pesos for children, 160 pesos for senior citizens and students. An overnight fee would cost 250 pesos per person. As it was nearing Holy Week, the resort decided to charge an extra 50 pesos per head effective the 29th of March until the 4th of April.

Once again, our van climbed up a steep hill to reach the resort. Surrounded by lush trees and plants, I couldn't help but feel like I was in the holy center of something great, something beyond everything. It was overwhelming but at the same time, it does make me feel like I am away from the crazy city, away from work, away from politics, away from obligations (somewhat). I am no wizard of words and could barely do justice in describing the place, so to lessen my burden of having to explain everything, please refer to the photographs below to get an idea of what the resort looked like.

There are three hot spring pools behind us with varying temperatures. The warm water on my skin felt so soothing that I could only wish to stay there for as long as I possibly can. Thankfully, we arrived early and were able to monopolize the place. After a few hours, more and more visitors dropped by and somehow that spoiled our little retreat.

See the running water? It's cold. Did we swim there? No, but we did hang out there. The adults crossed the bulky rocks to sit on the center of that running stream of freezing cold water. Crazy? I guess the initial thought is unnerving, but once you get into the stream, and that gushing water hits you, you realize how refreshing it is. Your body would adjust and it won't seem so cold anymore.

By lunch time, we already had our fill of swimming and playing. The increasing number of resort guests have dampened our enthusiasm. Val, myself and perhaps a couple more association mates wanted to try the 310 step stairs to heaven, but due to the time constraint, we agreed that we will try that when we get back, if we would ever go back. For lunch, we had quite a treat - yes, lechon. Lavsit.

We headed back to CWC to ready our things for the trip home. The others decided to learn wake boarding, which they attest to have gotten the hang of by the end of a few hours. I, on the other hand, tapped into my inner geek and decided to go online and check my facebook.

That night, we ate at a Chinese restaurant before heading to DJC Halo Halo, for our last meal in Naga. We boarded the bus at 9 in the evening to head back to Manila. I assumed the trip would last for 9 hours only, apparently, I was wrong. Due to a couple of accidents on the road that night, our ride was delayed and we arrived in Manila at almost 10 in the morning.

I'm sure there is much more to explore in Naga than what we've experienced, but I am optimistic that there would be other occasions for that. For now, I am already grateful. Until the next trip.

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