27 June 2010


Left with my boredom on a Saturday night, I found myself busying over a new pair of customized shoes (while the rest of my siblings and friends were out watching Iron Man 2) - pouring my ennui and thoughts into my latest to-be masterpiece. I completed Cosmopolitan on May 4, 2010 in the quiet comforts of my room - the fifth in my customized shoe collection.

Cosmopolitan is generally a hodgepodge of modern day luxuries and amenities that are relatively consistent in many parts of the globe - somewhat an interpretation of the modern day culture (or so I'd like to believe). It is a product of brainlessly browsing through a friend's Singapore-Malaysia trip album, and suddenly having a spark of inspiration from some of the photos he archived there. Yes, boredom can be surprisingly inspiring.

Honestly, when I began work on the said pair, I was feeling a bit disappointed how it was taking shape. Using the basic colors of red and blue, I couldn't help thinking about Spiderman - and I was seriously considering painting over the whole doodle and making an entirely new design. Thankfully though, with a few more colors, my distaste subsided and the pair turned out pretty well.

Although Cosmopolitan has been completed over a month ago, it is only now that I found time to photograph and document it here.

For more photos of Cosmopolitan, click here.

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