07 August 2012


"When it rain and rain and rain and rains,
More than this,
Baby I hate days like" - Mika, Rain

As much as I'm hoping Chantecler would be rock-a-doodling me a "Sun Do Shine" tomorrow morning, I have pretty much resigned myself to the idea that tomorrow will be another cold, wet, wet, wet day. Right now, today's nonstop army of water bombs have tempered down into a stop-and-go of rain.

With flood water inundating most of the city, government officials have already issued a suspension of classes in varying levels depending on the gravity of the situation in their community for tomorrow. Whether or not it pours, surely, tomorrow would be a very busy day for everyone - cleaning up the aftermath of today's events.

I have no illusions that tomorrow will no longer render me another escape from my pencil pushing and I'm bound to face reality - as well as the big question of whether or not I'd be able to get back home if the weather decides to throw a major hissy fit. (First question's first, if the red sea would either subside overnight or let me conjure up a Moses to get to the office) Nonetheless, I'm taking up the last few minutes of my freedom to do something I've been meaning to do for quite sometime now - a little exhibition for my childhood toy, Godzilla.

Godzilla made up a big chunk of my childhood, as were Barbie dolls - though this figure seems to be more kick-ass compared to a grotesquely unproportioned sex-icon-of-a-doll. Not to mention, it's vintage! Anyway, growing up, I've watched several Japanese Godzilla features that I can no longer squeeze out from my immediate memory - nonetheless, I've always had great respect for this mother lizard. So without further ado, my little Godzilla tribute.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3
Location: Manila Memorial Cemetery, Dasmarinas, Cavite

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