07 August 2012

Rainy Tuesday

"I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth." - Genesis 9:11

Not that I'm calling God a liar.

The weather condition here in Manila is not getting any prettier, rain keeps pouring down ceaselessly as it had been all night. Coming home from work last night, I rode with my immediate superior through EDSA, braving the god-forsaken traffic for more than three butt-flattening hours. I had feared that I might have to check in a hotel as several roads have already been blocked off and labelled as swimming pools. Thankfully, luck has been kind and I managed to arrive home in one, not-so-dry piece.

Waking up this morning, dad has groggily announced that everyone is to stay at home because of the downpour. We are not to risk anyone being a vigilante under this phenomenal circumstance. Twitter is abuzz with updates, as the main arteries of the metro are already submerged in rain water; a good portion of the streets are no longer deemed passable. Travelling to work under this situation is an obsessive suicide.

I had already sent an SMS to my immediate superior begging off work for the day - and even without receiving a response, have assumed to have been let off the hook. Nonetheless, she updated me and my colleagues mid day to inform us that as per our company's Human Resource, our offices are all open for employees who would care to come in. As for those who wish to be a bit more lazy-boned, focusing on their personal safety than their professional obligations, then the absence would be charged to our vacation leave credits (which I have already, so conveniently used up). I have also sent out a mass text to my colleagues informing them of my absence for the day and wishing them good health under this abhorrent weather - of which one of them responded with a why-u-no-come-to-work-while-we-all-were-able-to? Seeing the state of the city being up in red alert now, I am nursing my pride with a very satisfied schadenfreude.

Imagining the thousands of Filipino residents scrambling outside keeping their lives in order as their houses become encroached with rain water and garbage, I wonder if there is anything that I can do instead of just stay at home comfortably with a cup of hot chocolate and type away infront of my laptop.

It is kind of crippling to think, how in the world can I possibly extend a helping hand to those who are in need but at the same time, be safely tucked away in my own home with all my family and loved ones. Often times, we would resolve to donate some goods for charity during the aftermath of the craziness, after someone has already lost a leg, a car, a home, a family, a loved one. Then again, I can always be the hypocrite who preaches and still lazes about in my own little comfort nook.

Eric Greiten wrote in his admirable book, Heart and Fist, "If not me, then who?". Then again, if everyone thought the same way, I can safely answer, "The next guy asking the same question."

Although not very altruistic, I decided to do my immediate world a favor and clean up my room and other things that require my attention. This rain has served a perfect opportunity to straighten up my life somehow. As they say, you do not need to do big things to do great things. My life is in need of such great things.

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