07 August 2012

Ludwig and Jenna

Recently, my dad got my siblings two puppies of a Labrador/Dalmatian breed (so he claims). Excited with the new additions, they began throwing in so many names for the new family additions. Sushi? Amen? Alleli?

Eventually, they settled for Ludwig and Jenna. And two adorable puppies they are.

Ludwig is the more sedated of the two. Jenna, I daresay is the rambunctious and whiny one. Maybe a trait I somehow contended with, arguing that it might have been brought about by her gender. Occasionally, the siblings would have them running around the house and learning to climb the stairs - I cannot describe how cute it is to watch them pull themselves up while their little fat bums hang frustratingly at the edge of the stair.

Now, for my siblings to house-train them.

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