09 August 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

Last night I was stoked, and right now I'm just plain old high. Anticipating the China Olympics, I was glued to the television since 7 in the evening.

The official starting time was 8:08pm on August 8, 2008 - A pretty lucky number considering the number of 8's in the schedule. A few minutes prior to 8, the astounding choreographed drums begin. A marvelous play of lights blinking in the dark stadium, with glints of blue and reds from the audience. This was followed by a series of firecrackers, succeeded by human sized fireflies glimmering as the Olympics symbol was lifted into the air, glittering in glory.

By the appointed time, a child begins to sing China's anthem - and to be honest, I nearly cried. This was succeeded by a series of beautifully choreographed light plays, wushu and the like. One of my favorites was a piano player and a child (who picked her nose in International Television), while a group of people with lights blinking from their costumes made a series of eye candies, ending with a dove - as to bringing to the message of hope, camaraderie and peace to the rest of the world.

The olympics theme song was once again rendered by Sarah Brightman (my all-time favorite singer), together with Liu Huan. A simple melodic piece with a very simple yet powerful message. This time, I really bawled, it was so beautiful at the same time I was shrieking in totally ecstacy. People who've seen me in that state surely would think I lost it. To see Sarah's previous Olympics performance with Jose Carreras, click here.

So proud to be Chinese!!!


maicel said...

hi kat! asking for your help... how do you make your youtube video a little smaller when you embed it on your post? thanks a lot

Kwagoo said...

oh that's simple..

you can define object width and height by changing the details.. for example.. by default YouTube objects are object width="425" height="344", I just change them to object width="350" height="250".

I can't give you the exact measurements.. it's more of tancha-tancha.. so just input a variable you think would fit then have it published, then assess it if it looks fine on your page or if you'd still want to adjust it further.

good luck.

maicel said...

thanks a lot!!!! this will be helpful. i cant embed youtube vid on my post coz it doesnt fit :) thanks a lot, dear!