04 August 2008

Can't Wait for WOFEX

I am psyched about WOFEX 2008.

What is WOFEX?
It's an annual event "dubbed as the Ultimated Food Show Experience". This year, it will once again be held at the World Trade Center starting August 6 to August 9. There are new and innovative products and food-related inventions in the said exhibit, not to mention countless free food tasting.

The Ultimate Tip
Last year, my boyfriend and I went on the first day and bought a box of treats. By the last day, my mom and I returned to the same stall and they were selling it "Buy one, Take one". Learn from my experience - wait until the last day, but be early because somebody else might take advantage of the deals and exhaust all the stocks before you do.


Jenny said...

Hi! I'm excited to visit the QOFEX too. Did you also visit the MAFBEX last month? :)

Kwagoo said...

i was supposed to, but it coincided with my graduation and lots of other important matters :( so sad

Chachoy said...

I'm a fiend for that milky drink we bought haha =D

Kwagoo said...

temperance kasi..