04 August 2008

I Got My Proof

I just got my graduation diploma today via mail.

I'm so overwhelmed I don't even want to open it. We were informed that it's the first batch of diplomas to carry the hologram logo of our alma mater and that is enough reason for me to go ga-ga over the paraphernalia. There is also a souvenir version of the transcript of records.

Having graduated a double degree course, I have two diplomas! I'm so happy.. :D haha

Finally... legal, tangible proof.


Lizzie said...

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Anonymous said...

congrats uli! :D
i had an interview before eh wala na akong copy ng transcript ko, so pinaphotocopy ko ung souvenir na transcript! hahahaha!


Chachoy said...

Want to buy a diploma... ahem ahem haha

Kwagoo said...

haha.. ok lng naman un diba? prang di ko nga xado napansin ung diff eh.. or bulag lng tlga sigro ako :D

go to your room and study.