07 August 2008

David A.'s First Single

I was just innocently surfing the web, when I stumbled into this "jewel".

David Archuleta, a runner up in the latest American Idol season, has just released his first single, Crush.

Though there doesn't seem to be anything hysterically orgasmic about the song, and somehow seems to be reminiscent of his many pop interpretations during his AI days, it's still a fairly good listen. I'm still completely in favor of David Cook.. I'm biased, so sue me.

Oh and btw, if I'm not mistaken, Rock Mafia records, the company responsible for Miley Cyrus' new CD, will be taking David A's first album under its wing. Try to search for it online for more (correct) info.

Anyway, still interested in David A's song? Here it is..


Anonymous said...

hay! song ni david a. just sound normal... nothing special at all...hope david c. first single will be better.


Kwagoo said...

yup yup..

can't wait for the david c. first single too! :D