06 September 2008

My Pet Pup Addiction

I understand that I haven't been updating my blog lately and I believe everybody deserves an explanation as to why. The easiest answer was that I was busy, but of course I don't think that would suffice as an answer. There were quite a lot of new things that dawned upon me lately.

I'd elaborate in the succeeding posts, but the best answer as to why I wasn't able to update my blog is simple. It's Facebook. Mor specifically, it's the application called "Pet Pupz" where I can care for a dog of my own without the hassles of actually cleaning up after it or feeding it and taking it on walks. It's not as fulfilling as having an actual dog slobbering your hand with its smelly saliva, or having a companion that would loyally watch over you while you're concentrating at work - but I guess trying to have a virtual pet is just a cheap lazy way of pretending of owning a pet. And to add, it's far less annoying than a Tamagotchi.

To see my pet's page, click here.

P.S. His name is Xerxes - the man who wanted to be god, but turned out to be my dog.

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