10 April 2009

Maundy Thursday Jogging

Maundy Thursday barkada outing.

I know that Holy week is meant for contemplation and rigorous prayer, but since this is the nearest circumstance when everyone would be free from any employment-related responsibilities, it's best that we take advantage of the occasion.

Ever since Mark bought his puppy, a Siberian Husky named Tart, our group has begun to shift our interests to our pets. So last Thursday, we decided to meet early in the morning at the MOA complex for some jogging and running to keep our pets in shape. Another first for our group, as we're likely to still be snoring on our beds at that time of the day.

Anne brought her Golden Retriever (mixed with some Labrador genes?) named Arwen with her. Denis hesitated bringing his dogs for this get-together, but he did mention that he will consider bringing his newly acquired Beagle, Martha, once he has her all trained up and all that shiz.

There's a noticeable improvement in Marj, as she seems to have, somewhat, overcome her fear of canines. Not entirely though, but at least they can be in the same picture without any shrieking.

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