29 April 2009

Puppy Love

This is not part of the Taiwan Trip series. Consider this as a brief intermission post.


A couple of weeks ago, my aunt gave us two adorable little poodles named Bingo and Bong. They are the sweetest and most well behaved pair of puppies I've ever seen. Being unable to fend for them, our family decided to dispatch them to our friends who we've ascertained will provide and shower them the exemplary care and love that they deserve.

Of course, giving them away means that the puppies would have to stay with us for a few days before the recipients would be able to take time and pick them up at our place. Due to this delay, my soft heart was captured by these dogs and letting them go became such a heavy burden. Bong, actually, was the first dog I've slept with on my bed. He was such a well behaved pup - he never made a mess nor did he run around the room; he just laid there beside me, all wrapped up in my blanket sleeping quietly, stirring only when I move, waking only when I woke up. He'd follow me around the house, struggling to climb up and down the stairs just to be close by.

The day he was going to be picked up, it broke my heart so much that I struggled with my emotions, crying, begging, going crazy until I decided that I was being extremely irrational and shouldn't let feelings get in the way of what is best for the little puppy. With the help of my boyfriend, who talked to me through the process of letting go, I was able to give them a new home.

Understanding my pain, my boyfriend chatted with me one day and drew me a little puppy to cheer me up. Now, isn't that just cute?

Trying to console me, he promised me that one day, when we finally get a place of our own, we'll adopt one or two or even a litter of them - and we want them to be fat and cuddly (well some), others have to be good house guard dogs. :D


Jerry said...

sayang naman oh tsk tsk. .
Hopefully someday magkakaroon ka rin naman ng ganyan. . Sabi nga ng boyfriend mo kahit ilan pwede eheh. . (=

Kwagoo said...


Uu.. pero shempre yaw ko naman sobra dami kaagad divah? :D