06 April 2009

Ozine Cosplay 2009

My first Cosplay attendance.

Last Saturday, I extended my support to my siblings and their friends as they embarked on their first ever cosplay dressed as characters in the popular Anime, Bleach. The convention was a three day event starting April 3 and ending on the 5th at the SM Mega Mall Megatrade Hall 2. We attended on the second day.

Yes, I'm the one in blue

Initially they wanted me to share in their endeavor as Rangiku Matsumoto (go figure why), but with my work and my stinginess (in addition to my lack of Anime knowledge), I had to beg off. They organized, prepared and toiled on their costumes and props for weeks untiringly, that after declining their initial attempts to woo me to at least go to the convention, I finally conceded. What really took me was the fact that I arrived home 10.30 Friday night to find all of them sleeping and resting for their big day. Being familiar with their sleeping habits, I can tell they're really dead serious in joining the convention.

My brothers went as Fifth Division Captain, Aizen Sosuke, and Twelfth Division Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi. My sister, on the other hand, was dressed up as Momo Hinamori. Their friends on the other hand were dressed as Rukia Kuchiki, 6th Division Captain, Byakuya Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue. Let me post the comparisons.

Aizen Sosuke

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Momo Hinamori

Rukia Kuchiki

Orihime Inoue

Byakuya Kuchiki

I am ever so grateful to my friend Denis for volunteering to be my companion for this trip. Without him, I would've drowned in the pool of cosplayers, being unable to tell who was who and what was what. Not to mention, I needed someone to camwhore with me. Tee-hee.. So below are some of our pictures with other cosplayers.

Okay, so we don't know every single Anime out there, as long as the cosplayer is pretty or has a fairly acceptable costume, we'd pose beside them for a picture. Of course being in the mall as early as 11 am and leaving at almost 6 in the evening, there are gaps of boredom - so Denis and I decided to have our face painted for only 30 pesos each.

Aside from knowing Denis has a Soul Eater symbol, I have no idea what my sign was, but it looked cool.

While going through the convention marketplace, I found some of my friends participating in the said event. A workmate in WideOut happened to be assisting her sister in selling their kawaii hats, chokers, gloves, bandanas and many others - she also has an online shop called Baby Moon Lifestyle catering to Gothic Lolitas and Anime driven folks out there. Another pal back in college was having a small area selling their dressmaking services. The name of her business is Go Kawaii. Below is a picture of us beside some of her dresses.

We stayed and was able to watch a portion of the Group Cosplay performances, and to be kind, I am not volunteering my opinion on this.

Overall, it was an extremely fun-filled and inspiring day - seeing people embodying a character, taking over that character's personality and living his life for a day, escaping their own little circles and braving out to become one-day celebrities with people requesting for their photographs. Now, I am considering to take on a cosplaying role next convention. :D

Let me demonstrate another big deal why it's so cool... While surfing online, one of my brother's friends found a picture of him online with some "fans". I'm not sure where they found it, but ain't it just mighty cool! Camwhoring rocks!


jourdy^_^ said...

Philippine cosplays are actually quite decent, compared to Japanese cosplays. (Overweight people trying hard, anyone?)

Great job on Mayuri. =p

Kwagoo said...

Haha.. Well ok lang naman kung medyo malaman ka, wag lang mashadong ilusyonada at mamilit magpaka Tifa, kung medyo tadtad ka na ng mantikilya.. :D

Thanks.. I'll tell him.. My bro really worked hard on that costume.. he even completed the props - with the bomb, the sword and the injections.. - he was going to kill us if we brought him to the wrong mall.. haha

Anonymous said...

hi there... can i ask the name of your brother who cosplayed aizen? thank you very much!!

Jerry said...

You shld know by now all the anime characters, or maybe you shld love an anime show. Anyways trivia lang to. Hindi mo ba alam si Rowl(From WOC GN) is/was a cosplayer din (=.

Savannah said...
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Kwagoo said...


Hindi ko nga maalala, alam ko lang maraming nagvampire knights, bleach, naruto and soul eater.. and some tennis preppies.. and that uso na pala ang gothic lolitas look..

Talaga? Cosplayer xa? Pakita nga ng pix!! Intriga!:D haha kilala ko ba xa?

Genocide Bunny said...

Aww... You had a picture with Rorscach (Watchmen) T_T Kakainggit... Anyway, I found a good video about Ozine 2009. Please check it out when you have the time to do so. =D


Anonymous said...

The symbol on your face is of the homunculi(?) from Full Metal Alchemist