01 June 2009

Bend - The Final Curtain Call

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
- Frank Sinatra

After one and a half months of friendship and bonding, three weeks of strenuous practice and rehearsals - it has all come to this. Last May 30, the Repertory Philippines Adult Summer Workshop of 2009 staged their culminating play, a recital entitled "Bend" touching on homosexual love, peer pressure, enjoying life and facing consequences. The said activity materialized at the Onstage theater, Greenbelt 1, under the tutelage and direction of Robbie Guevara and musical guidance and direction of Caisa Borromeo. An almost two hour presentation with Rolls Pagusan, Niccolo Dominguez and Carmela Tan playing the lead roles.

There were many lessons that I was able to take to heart from this special occasion - about camaraderie, about patience, about being able to resist giving in to the temptation of surrendering, about accepting what is best, about not taking things personally, about moving on from past heartaches, about growing up; but the greatest epiphany that I've received came more as a surprise.

All this time, I've always wondered why I never seem to be appreciated as much as I wanted to be, as much as I believe I should be - now I learn that appreciation comes in so many forms and the best ones are the ones that you never expected would happen.

I felt that nobody supported me; that this presentation was a personal milestone that I am forcing on people to attend - now recognize that I had been wrong to think that way. My friends weren't able to come due to various reasons, which I quietly accepted as a lack of interest; but prior to ending the show, as we took our final bows, I received a bouquet of red roses, which I later learned had came from my friends - with a note from my best friend apologizing for not being able to take part of my momentous achievement but expressing her trust that I'd still be able to do a good job anyway. That alone, the sincerity of it all, made me cry.

My family was present, despite several complications that came forward during the week. My boyfriend despite being continents away, had fervently called throughout the day asking how I was doing and expressing how proud he is of me. A couple of my office friends had also took time to give their support, as well as one of my fellow officers in the Kho Youth League.

It is the simple things like these, knowing that there are people there for you, sharing their love in so many different ways, that made the whole 3 weeks of half-dead mornings, of being criticized and at times publicly humiliated, of feeling foolish, of hungry nights and all sorts of bull, seem all worthwhile.

The simple things are free
The sun, the moon, the stars
The beating of two hearts
How I love the simple things
The simple things just are
- Jim Brickman

To everyone who was there, physically and/ or spiritually, thank you so much.

Special shout outs to Maila Mitra for helping us with our make-up (she's a fantastic singer as well, good luck on your competition), Miguel Escolar for helping us with our props and Teacher Gimbey for helping me with my vocalization and saving me and pep talking me when I was wallowing in my Alto self-pity, Charmaine Cobankiat for constantly wishing me luck and for being there for me whenever she can.

Special thanks to Nica Mapeso, Dax Carnay and Etienne Amador for being such wonderful PMs. Photographs are care of Sundee Guevara, who is one of the cheeriest, nicest and hyper-ecstatic people I know. To Sir Robbie and Miss Caisa, for their patience, love and trust in us. Last but not least, to the whole A7 class, you guys are fantastic! :D Hugs and kisses.


ava said...

kat? i stumbled upon this blog out of curiousity that someone wrote about the showcase..

thanks for being one of the nicest persons in A7. :)

Katrina said...

Hey Ava,

Yup it's me! Haha.. awww.. you're so sweet.. hugs hugs hugs! :D

Anonymous said...

i was in baguio :(
anyway, congrats!!! hope to see u soon! :D


Kwagoo said...

Hey Jess,

Sarap naman Baguio.. It's ayt! :D haha.. hugs hugs lots! :D