17 June 2009

Our Fourth Year Anniversary

My boyfriend is just the sweetest thing ever - which is why I love him lots.

Yesterday, we celebrated our fourth year anniversary together. Being in a long distance relationship, him being in the US and me being the Philippines, many of our friends commend us for being able to pull off this feat. I wonder if there is a real secret how we managed to keep our relationship going strong for this long - communication, thoughtfulness, understanding and commitment - but aren't those fundamental in any relationship?

We used to celebrate our previous anniversaries with a YM date - meaning dressing up (usually this is just half torso) and bringing a plateful of food infront of the webcam and eating together. That's as romantic as it gets. We do come up with a couple of surprises and gifts sometimes, which would usually arrive a few weeks late.

I wasn't in a very organize-freak mode this year, so I didn't prepare anything for our anniversary celebration - but apparently my boyfriend did his homework.

Prior to our YM rendezvous, he spent the whole night preparing our cheesecake, surprising me with his creation when we finally got to talk. It is special because we both love cheesecake and have tried to make this recipe together back when he visited me a couple of years ago. He also prepared and recited a letter, which he admitted not to be very good at. He then tried finishing our house in Sims 3, which I've been bugging to see - this unfortunately, he didn't finish in time for his big surprise, he later told me. But, it's always the thought that counts, and for me, it was wonderful that he took time and made all this effort to make our anniversary special.

My only complaint was - where are the toppings for the cheesecake? (And why can't I at least get a bite?)

Anyway, Happy Fourth Year Anniversary!

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